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Where Do I get My News?

Updated: Apr 6


The sad fact of the matter these days is we can't trust anything Mainstream Media (MSM) has to say about current affairs in the world, including pandemics and wars. MSM constantly lies because it is now the propaganda mouthpiece of governments, including New Zealand's. Governments and MSM no longer work for their people but, instead, they are the flunkeys of a small group of unelected operatives who do not have our best interests at heart.

So, where do we find information to counter the barrage of outright lies and misinformation coming at us constantly from the MSM?

Thankfully there are still many alternatives. I want to share two favourites: Redacted News and Reality Check Radio (RCR).


Redacted Presenters


RCR Radio


RCR are currently doing a fundraiser. If you like what you hear, please consider supporting them with a donation.



RCR wrote:

When it comes to media, money talks.. So let's talk about money.. Fact is, legacy media is struggling to survive! Their economic model of telling lies to sell advertisements to drug pushers, the government, and industry monopolies is failing. Turns out "the lies attract the flies". Despite every legacy outlet claiming their editorial choices are impervious to outside influence, few are gullible enough to believe them. The reality is.. The Advertiser Who Pays The Bills Gets The Final Say. Even a 5 year old can grasp that concept! Case in point, that's precisely why it was impossible to get a story in edgeways during the pandemic in 2021-2022 if it contradicted the government agenda on covid. Why? Because the government was paying the bills, spending over $116 Million of tax payer dollars in advertising over the two year period. However, this is not an isolated incident. It's a systemic problem with advertising-based media. The Result Is Grossly Biased Narrative-Filled Drivel Dressed Up As News.. Where "standards" are weaponised as censorship. Reality Check Radio Is Different! Here's Why..

  • We do NOT accept government funding

  • We do NOT accept advertiser funding

  • We do NOT accept special Interest funding

This is because we know the only way to preserve our freedom to tell the other side of the story, to cover the issues the mainstream won't, and challenge the voices the mainstream don't is by partnering with listeners instead of conglomerates. So who's really behind RCR? You are! You and every other listener who values genuine, honest, rational news. And.. This Is Why We Need Your Support.. The fact is, running a 24/7 national radio station isn't cheap - the money needs to come from somewhere. Unfortunately, you can't have it both ways. EITHER You settle for legacy media where big advertisers pay the bills for you, but then they get to manipulate editorial content and lie to you all day long (no one wants that). OR Every listener chips in what they can to support RCR, and our content remains the pure, hard-hitting, truth-bombing, ad-free splendour you've come to know and love - Forever. And so the question is.. Will You Help Keep RCR Going? We'll be here for you, so long as you're there for us. We're in this together. All donations large and small are greatly appreciated, and monthly commitments of any size help tremendously. SUPPORT RCR Thank you for your support.

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1 Comment

Paul Scott
Paul Scott
May 16, 2023

The most important advance I made in general and specific knowledge of the world was to

end all television viewing, and cancel all Newspapers. Absolutely and forever. .I recognise this is harder to do within a family setting; but even more valuable in that family setting . . I learned more about reality in the subsequent year and every year following than I had known in my entire life to that date [2001]. Your TV is good as a second monitor for your laptop

You will quickly discover overseas news sites which were based on fact not propaganda.

It's good to see reality news appearing in New Zealand. this is a direct result of the totalitarian Government which Ardern gave…

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