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Watch the interview of Tucker with Putin

The Ukraine conflict started in 2014 with the Maidan Coup, which was a CIA-backed operation. It turned into a full-blown war two years ago, when Russia intervened to protect the Russian-speaking population from the neo-nazi Unkrainian forces.

While you can debate who started it all, one thing that has really bothered me is how the Western media censors anything that may have a pro-Russian point of view. So, it's impossible to have an open debate about this conflict here in New Zealand and in other so-called free democracies.

Now, I don't know about you, but I consider myself to be a well-informed individual. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck yesterday. I don't need some young, inexperienced person telling me what I can or can't read, see, or hear. I'm perfectly capable of forming my own opinions, thank you very much! I'm not some fragile snowflake who needs to be shielded from the harsh realities of the truth!

Regarding any disagreement, the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. Rarely is one party completely right or wrong.

Despite enormous opposition, including threats that he's committing treason, US journalist Tucker Carlson, standing up for freedom of speech, went to Moscow to interview Vladimir Putin. It has only just gone live and it has already had tens of millions of views.

So, even if you believe Putin is a psychopathic monster and mass-murderer, I'm asking that you park your opinions to the side for a while and listen carefully to what the man has got to say (click on the image or link below to listen to the interview):

Image of Tucker and Putin

I'll add that I've been listening to Putin for a long time now and he can talk off the cuff, and without hesitation, for three hours or longer about modern history and geopolitics, and with accuracy. In contrast, we have a US president who can't recall the events of yesterday, and he'd have trouble locating Moscow on a map! I doubt his Vice President could do any better.

Who is Putin?

I wonder if, indeed, we are dealing with the original Putin of KGB origon, or an extremely well-educated double, a "Russian Doll", who instead of being a graduate of the WEF's leadership programme is now the sworn enemy of the globalist elite. The idea that this might be true is fascinating and gives me hope. I'd be interested in your comments and opinions about this matter (post them below in the "comments" section).

Who is Putin?
Who is Putin

What's happening on the battlefield?

Did you know that the Ukrainian army has lost around 600,000 soldiers, both dead and wounded? It may be that there are many more casualties than that, but who do you believe? The Russians, who have suffered their own casualties, but fewer, have the Unkrainan army horrifically battered and defeated, but their leaders refuse to admit it or surrender because they have too much at stake. Defeat for them may be the "noose" at the hands of their citizens. As a result, the violence and bloodshed continues, while Western media and governments, including ours, are hiding the truth.

Find the Truth for yourself!

For a dry and impartial daily analysis of the conflict and other hotspots, such as in the Middle East, I recommend listening to geopolitical expert Alexander Mercouris:

Image of Alexander

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