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Virus leaves infants gasping to breathe behind oxygen masks

My grandson, Baby Gordon
My grandson, Baby Gordon, a few years ago

"Children’s wards and general practices throughout New Zealand are coming under extreme pressure as a virus leaves infants gasping to breathe behind oxygen masks, putting their anxious parents on high alert."


A health professional said this to me yesterday, "this crisis is the consequence of obsessive hygiene and a whole lot of one-year-olds who have not been exposed to everyday viruses, including the Common Cold".

Our immune system is like our muscles: it must be regularly stressed from birth to grow strong and resilient. If not exercised, the opposite happens which leads to weakness and possible disaster. In addition, we must nourish our children with essential nutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc and selenium.

As a consequence, children and families suffer terribly and our hard-working General Practitioners are overwhelmed. Haven't we all had enough stress?

The performance of the academic doctors and health officials who run our health system from High is disappointing. It appears they have little to no understanding of the basics of health beyond their enthusiasm for patent medicines.

By the way, where's the lockdown, or doesn't a threat to children count as much as a threat to old people?

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