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Veganism and Saving the Planet

Updated: 5 days ago

No planet B
There is no Planet B. We can all agree on that when it comes to climate change, environmental, destruction and too many people. The question we might disagree about is this one: "What are we going to do about it?"

Veganism to save the planet is all the rage right now. It sure is no coincidence that food technology has finally developed tasty and viable vegan meat alternatives that are now flowing into the fast and convenience food retailers worldwide. There are billions of dollars to be made and nothing is being spared to capitalise on this latest of food-based gold-rushes. Bring on GMO! Bring on Climate Change! Bring on animal rights! Bring on Veganism! Bring on the next Crusade! Bring on the Veggie Burger!

Even in times of war the Big Boys profit. There is always a lot of money to be made from social upheaval, conflict and misery. Iraq was a good case study for that.

Are the Big Boys now jumping on the climate change bandwagon to help sell their GMO-derived vegan foods? Are they using and manipulating our children for profit?

From my experience, the vast majority of teenagers who go vegan do so by the exclusion of food groups without paying attention to the intricacies, complexity, cost and the time it takes to be a well-nourished vegan. Nutrient depletion can lead to a very long list of chronic health problems that are extremely difficult to treat. A super-processed GMO Veggie burger is not going to help at all with ensuring vegans are well-nourished.

We have "Green-washing", now we can add "Vegan-Washing".

I was going to write an article about this growing pressure on all of us, especially young people, to go vegan. I do not think veganism the way it is being promoted is going to improve the health of most people, nor will it save the planet. However, Dr Ronald Hoffman beat me to it.

Here is an excerpt from Dr Hoffman's article and the link to the full article on his excellent website:

"In the year 1212, legend has it that a 12-year-old shepherd boy named Philip Cloyes, claiming to bear a letter from Jesus to the King of France, led tens of thousands of children to the Holy Land in what has been termed the Children’s Crusade. Unlike previous Crusades which sought to wrest the Holy Land from Muslim control by force of arms, the youthful throng “bore crosses, banners and an optimistic assumption that once they got to the Holy Land, they could convert Muslims with persuasion and divine intervention.”

The children, imbued with religious fervor, were oblivious to the hazards of their journey. Many succumbed to disease and starvation; others were sold into slavery. By all accounts, the Children’s Crusade was a disaster.

Fast-forward to 2019, a charismatic 16 year old, Greta Thunberg, is enthralling young audiences with scientific predictions of imminent climate apocalypse."

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