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UK Government data proves the Covid Vaccination Campaign is a disaster

Updated: Mar 21

The Fully Vaccinated now account for 92.2% of all Covid-19 Deaths in England


"The latest data published by the UK Health Security Agency confirms the double and triple vaccinated population in England now account for a shocking 92% of all Covid-19 deaths, and 4 in every 5 of those deaths are among the triple jabbed.

But what’s more concerning is that deaths among the vaccinated population in the past 4 weeks are double the number of deaths recorded among the vaccinated population throughout December at the height of the Omicron wave. Whereas deaths among the unvaccinated population have halved."

What I see in this chart and the others in the article above is evidence of one of the most feared consequences of mRNA drugs: Vaccine-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or VAIDS and this may be irreversible, thus creating a dependency on pharmaceuticals for the duration of what will be a shortened life.

When it is a Southerly wind, the rescue helicopter's flight path to Wellington Hospital passes by our house. It has been unusually busy lately. In fact, it woke us up about 3 am a few nights ago as it buzzed overhead, rushing yet another patient to the hospital. I wonder what might be causing all of these health emergencies? This latest buzz of medical emergencies does coincide with the rollout of the booster, but, according to the Sauce of all Truth, this is dismissed as just another coincidence.

A friend was talking to a nurse who works in the cardiovascular wards of a hospital. She was complaining of being overworked because the wards are overflowing with heart and stroke patients. When asked if it might be due to the jab, she replied that it was not the jab, but stress! Again, this is just another coincidence as were the deaths of two of my friends a few weeks ago, coinciding with their booster jabs. We see the same coincidences with the jab and all of the athletes that are dropping dead worldwide. How about the spate of unusual drownings that again coincide with the booster, but we are told are coincidences that are best ignored?

"One swallow doth not a summer make", so how many swallows must there be circling overhead before we can confidently declare it is now summer?

The same goes for the jab: How many coincidences must there be before we declare we have a serious problem with this drug? There are already far too many coincidences and we must have an immediate halt to this vaccination programme.


How many more must there be:

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Paul Scott
Paul Scott
Mar 25, 2022

Can we assume these medical and big pharma psychopaths have not finished with us?

The next biomedical terror will have to be different of course, and it can wait till our hatred of Russia subsides , because the Russians are in the South and East of the former Ukraine permanently .

It can wait also, untileven after the bank cubercrashes, and centralised currency is introduced. .

What ratio of the vaccinated people now, will line up for another genocide jab.

My estimation of people now, is that most of us will come back to the slaughter house wllingly again. The psychopaths have contempt for us, because we are contemptibly stupid.

They tell us what to believe on TV and we…

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Mar 26, 2022
Replying to

I fear this only the beginning unless we, the people, call a halt.

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