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The Hitchhiker's Deep Dive into SUSY inversion (super symmetry inversion)

Updated: Mar 26


Hi Gary,

As promised, here is the deep dive into the new science of SUSY inversion (super symmetry inversion), the science behind the physics in biology and the platform of knowledge that I use to make my regenerative medicines using nature, Manuka honey's royal jelly proteins and the physics of life. I am happy for you to share whatever. I know this is confronting for some to think about but it places context to the failure of science and the new science behind regenerative healing technologies using light and other positive energy modalities that are needed at this time to help those who are being harmed by the governments around the world.

Kind regards


To understand the universe, one must understand oneself I am going to provide an alternative view to reality from the standard model of physics and I will try to make this plan and simple.

Science makes us believe a lie. The biggest lie of them all. Who we are? We have amnesia. We have clues and we must put the clues together to build the wasgij, a backwards jigsaw puzzle. Why is it backwards. Well, quite simply the conscious mind is slow and lives in the past and looks inward within the realm of light with the mind. That is the puzzle. You could say we are stranded on an island surrounded by water, but in our case, we are in water of our minds (85%), and land locked by the cranium, skull. Just like the Dr Who’s Tardis, the phone box, is small on the outside and large on the inside. We too have a time machine and its small on the outside and large on the inside. The question is how and why?

The question one asks oneself to define the boundaries of understanding. I wish to break the confines of the standard model of physics to explain an experience that could be described as time travel. As it is known that light has no mass and no charge (photons) it is not matter. Therefore, the light we see which is observable with our inward-looking retina is contained within the features of the mind. The retina’s rods and cones point inwards and provide us with our own private sense of reality constructed through our experiences and created in the very structures and neurological pathways of the mind.

To understand light and the reason why it has no mass is a feature of its geometry and composition. It contains an electron and a positron (matter / antimatter pairs). They are separated by a point halfway between the two where the two opposites cancel each other out and have no mass and no charge. That is the point of the singularity. It is at a scale of the Planck Epoch. What this is defines belief, but it is the pixel resolution of the universe. To get down to that pixel resolution you must travel for 13.8 billion years at the speed of light. In other words, it takes us back to the beginning of time and just after creation. In the Planck Epoch there is in fact no space and no time. The dimensions are 1.6 E-35 meter and 1E-44 second. Giving someone access to the keys of the universe so that they can take the drivers seat in their life is a gift that needs to be used wisely.

The Planck field (aether), zero-point energy field, consists of 27% of the universe (is the unknown dark matter), there is 5% matter (solid matter physics) and 68% dark energy (alpha particles). To understand this information one can, start at a scale that may make sense. The meter. Halfway between 1 meter there is 50 cm and double one meter is 2 meters. You could say that the electron scale 4E-18 meter is double the size of the Planck scale 1.6E-35 meter. To find out all you need to do is understand the square root of the Planck scale gives you the electron diameter scale. At the electron scale we can understand the universe of atoms. There is a relationship between protons, neutrons and electrons that people do not understand because the wasgij has not been solved with the standard model of physics. What they failed to understand is the singularity. The point where everything originates from nothing. However, there is a form of nothing that is everything all at the same energy level and this is known as a Bose Einstein Condensate. This is part of the puzzle that I solved back in 2013 with the so-called time travel experience.

In biology our atoms are made out of three things. That is what we are taught. However, this is incomplete and incorrect. I will start by outlining the relationship between quarks and protons and neutrons. There are smaller things inside the proton and neutron. They are called quarks. In biology there is two quarks, Up and Down. They are in alignment with or against the magnetic field. In the standard model of physics there are six quarks. In biology we can think of the quarks as electrons and positrons in the SUSY inversion (unified field model), a non-interactive logical model to understand how our bodies work from the perspective of physics. The Up quark has a charge of negative 1 just like the electron, the Down quark has a charge of positive one just like the positron. The current standard theory with its zero charge on the neutron fails because this misses the positron present in that calculation and results in a universe with missing antimatter. If you know that energy cannot be created or destroyed, then you get the point. One, everything must be present before the beginning in some shape or form that is not able to be measured (the Bose Einstein condensate fits this bill), and positron / electron pairing is maintaining the conservation of matter and energy because photons have no mass and no charge and therefore cannot be considered matter. The relationship between quarks Up (-1) electron and Down (+1) positron means that new quark calculations for biology can be generated as follows.

A proton contains three quarks Up Down Up (-1 x +1 x -1 = +1) and a neutron having three quarks of opposite geometry Down Up Down (+1 x -1 x +1 = -1) and the -1 charge is cancelled out by the positron -1 + 1 = 0 so the neutron +positron = 0 and the proton + electron = 0. Therefore, the initial zero state can be maintained, therefore providing a conservation of mass and charge overall. Therefore, there is no loss of antimatter and we just have got the quark mathematics calculations incorrect for biology. This is not what scientists want to hear. Why? They would all be seen as having it wrong and looking as if they had egg on their faces is far from what a scientist wants with respect to their careers in academia. Things start to get even more foolish when we look deeper into the standard model of physics and see the reflection within the model e.g. the electron vs muon where the muon is a bigger electron. Again, simplicity is the key to understand the universe. If we look into SUSY inversion model and explore the following relationships.

The proton and electron.

The proton Up Down Up and the electron UP so that (-1 +1 -1) (-1)

As I mentioned before a photon of light consists of (-1/+1) electron / positron (matter / antimatter) so it has no mass and no charge.

The neutron Down Up Down and the positron Down so that (+1 -1 +1)(+1)

We can then see how two photons of light (-1 +1)(-1 +1) can be turned into a neutron and positron and a proton and electron by changing one of the photons from a (-1 +1) into a (-1 -1) or (+1 +1)

This occurs through biological processes, and we see the reverse of this process in radioactive decay events where electrons and positrons are exchanged in atoms. We can then understand that controlling the orientation of Up or Down has a significant impact on if a proton or neutron is present in the atom. As the electron and positron in the SUSY inversion model are made from two Planck lengths there is a relationship between the inverse square law (Newtonian physics) of

Force = G (m1 x m2)/r^2

So, if we make the m1 = electron and m2 = positron and r^2 = c^2 or wavelengths of light we can understand the relationship between the electron and positron as photons of light with the atom and how it creates the fields of energy within the atom to produce its structure. What this means is that we can predict based on the geometry of light within atoms how the shape of the atom will form and how it changes whilst maintaining conservation of charge and mass by maintaining its inverted symmetry of opposites of the positron electron pairing. We can understand how atoms are formed from light through the geometry responsible for quantum tunnelling and quantum entanglement and these features describe how biology uses light to create the observable structure.

In other words, light within atoms creates the position of electron and positron pairs. Light creates atoms.

The reintroduction of positrons into atoms as the antimatter particle to the electron and as the Down quark for biology means a new way of looking at biology through the lens of photons within atoms can be constructed and this changes everything. Again, it causes those who have been developing the idea of a physical external universe made of matter as foolish. It is not what science wants to hear that they have been barking up the wrong tree. We may be dealing with a completely different physics for biology that the materials physics developed for the construction of matterbased material that has been developed over the last 400 years.

The new physics of Singularities. You could say it is the physics of Black holes, or the physics of single atoms. Why did I stumble into this area of physics? The experience I had gave me one thing the realization that the science model we have developed was wrong. By adding positrons back into the standard model of physics, to add antimatter into atoms I needed evidence that this idea was correct. So, what evidence have I gathered since 2013 on the startling findings and the experience of time travel.

The model SUSY inversion is aligned with ancient knowledge, and it is put into modern day context in relation to yin yang, IChing, geometry of the cross and the inverted balance of opposites of positron and electron pairs to understand how the principles of conservation of mass and charge can be applied to photons of light in the correct arrangement that enables quantum tunnelling. Again, I am stepping on many toes both in a religious Biblical context and scientific context. The idea that God, He the father has a scientific basis causes scepticism to most scientists but if you consider the following as the evidence I have gathered as a context for what I encountered then maybe you are willing to explore the scientific basis of this constructed reality. He as in helium. As I mentioned previously there is a form of mater, or light known as a Bose Einstein Condensate and the application of this concept where all the electrons are present at the ground energy level so there is no contrast provides a framework whereby science can explore the idea that everything was present before the beginning and the singularity was a helium Bose Einstein Condensate, He-BEC. What scientific evidence for this concept makes sense giving the features of the universe we currently know through scientific exploration.

1) The universe before the beginning was homogenous and known as isotropic. This state seen in the cosmic microwave background radiation has an energy level above the condensation point for helium. The helium Bose Einstein condensate is isotropic and homogenous so you could say that evidence would agree with our observable data provided by cosmologists.

2) The composition of the universe having 68% dark energy, 27% dark matter and 5% matter. These numbers are obtained from the following information and correctly predict the universe as outlined by cosmologists. The SUSY inversion model predicts 16 electron / atom of helium in the Bose Einstein condensate NOT the 14 as taught in the standard model of physics. Because I have added the two addition positrons as the partners to the zero-point energy field (He-BEC) for the neutrons present in the standard model for He 4/2. This results in the following calculations. Alpha particles are emitted from the helium Bose Einstein condensate under a geometry that gives 12 electrons going out and 4 electrons going in for every helium atom present in the He-BEC. So, the ratio of 3 out and 1 in is obtained. 12/16 = 75% and 4/16 = 25%. Alpha particle decay after 13.8 billion years produces 7.26% where 2.26% is radicals (virtual particles) which is added to the dark matter of 25% to give 27% and 5% matter and then 75%-7%=68% for dark energy. This means we understand the observable and the SUSY inversion model that predicts the universe as determined by cosmologists.

3) The inflationary phase of the universe. The universe expanded at a faster than light speed and this resulted in the homogenous (isotropic) universe we have today. Alpha particle emission based on the binding kinetics of helium Bose Einstein condensate where the electrons are at an equal spacing of 0.00004 nm corresponds to a KJ/mol binding energy of ten times the speed of light. Again, this feature of the helium Bose Einstein condensate matches to the observable universe and alpha particles emitted appear to be the reason for the expansion of the universe. With in the decaying alpha particle where 12 electrons can become tritium (2 neutrons 2x3=6, 1 proton 1x3=3, 2 positrons and 1 electron = 12) and a decay of tritium to generate deuterium and hydrogen. The dark matter Planck field can also rearrange from 4 to 3 in and 1 out to generate hydrogen. In a sense the two hydrogens can form a molecular bond to form the diatomic atom (H2). This is therefore stable. Deuterium contains a neutron and positron as well as the proton and electron and this is also a stable balanced atom, due to the pairing within the atom. The original He-BEC is a quantum fluid. Its properties mean all the electrons are equivalent and the origin and singularity of the universe.

4) The background calculation of energy in the quantum vacuum and the number is small. It is 1E-120 and this has not been able to be predicted by physics. However, here are the calculations Planck length 1.6E-35 meter. 1/ Planck length is 6.25E+34 meters. The size of the He-BEC as the radius of the sphere is found using the following calculations. 6.25E+34/ 1.6E-35 = 3.9E+69 where the speed of light is known as 2.99E+9 which is used to understand the radius of the Bose Einstein Condensate of Helium. Then, 3.9E+69/2.99E+9 = 1.3E+60 where this is one half of the universe sphere, and the other half is the inverted symmetry to this therefore 1.3E+60/ 1.3E-60 = 1E+120 and the inverse of that is 1E-120, corresponding to the background calculation quantum zero-point fluctuations. We live in a mirrored universe where the inner reflection corresponds to an external reality that is an illusion created within the mind. Where the smallest part of ourselves, corresponds to the Planck scale which originated back 13.8 billion years ago at the start of time through inverted symmetry of opposites produced from a helium Bose Einstein condensate through alpha particle decay processes.

5) So, the SUSY inversion model provides a different perspective from that of solid matter physics and opens the doorway to understanding how biology works from the perspective of quantum tunnelling and quantum entanglement that is based on hydrogen geometry of cross based inverted symmetry, where there is no mass and no charge, where hydrogen is two photons of light and therefore can quantum tunnel and create isotopes which provide conceptual shifts in understanding how biophotons of light operate within biology. A new model that is based on physics and provides the basis for memory formation within atoms through the process of quantum tunnelling and quantum entanglement as well as the formation of light in the mind during sleep and dreaming and the role of atomic decay in this process.

The science SUSY inversion – a unified field theory is in essence a model aligned to reality. It provides an understanding of why more even numbered atoms are present in the universe than odd numbered atoms and it provides a way of understanding atomic clocks within atoms and how they are responsible for enzymatic rates of reaction. This is a science model of physics for biology. It uses inverse square law (Newtonian physics), is non interactive, provides the basis for the singularity within atoms and provides geometry features within atoms based on Einstein’s idea of light being c^2 = E/M or electromagnetism. This is the model that I have been working on since I experienced seeing into the Lyman lines, observing a golden sphere of light back in 2013. Seeing into the process of atomic decay and the geometry responsible for that decay and witnessing the release of photons as images from the atoms within my mind to provide the images of future events in my life in years to come. Weird as that sounds, like a mutation in a gene is used to determine the phenotype output of that gene, the experience of seeing into the light within the atomic decay process gave insight into a new way of looking at biology based on the physics of atomic decay being responsible for the light that we see in our dreams as well as the features of hydrogen responsible for quantum tunnelling and entanglement and how that SUSY inversion model that I have developed connects the new science model created through measurement to the old model based on logic outlined in yin yang, IChing and the Bible. To understand that measuring the photons in atoms has broken the inverted symmetry to create the observed geometry and the paradox that the outcome of measurement has created a false narrative because the atomic geometry is incorrect. Only when revision of the model is performed as I have done can the true geometry be understood by the role light plays in atomic structure through the processes of cross based inverted symmetry to generate the quantum tunnelling and entanglement leading to an understanding of biology and how it operates through a narrow window of physics of balance from the singularity. The conservation of mass and charge as well as the no space and no time means the science model, I have made through SUSY inversion has no mass and no charge as well as no space and no time. Everything can be identified using logic without interaction knowing that the physics happening cannot be disturbed through interaction otherwise it will be prevented. This makes it difficult for science to question because of it being non interactive. What it does do though means you can create environments that select for desired outcomes. Therefore, test the predictions made. I have been doing this and the results are both remarkable and on point (singularity).

Will science accept a non-interactive model that includes the physics of observation within the mind of the observer without observation there cannot be anything other than the imagination. However, the observer is seeing the physics of the imagination within the model of SUSY inversion. The idea of a pinhole camera as an original eye that was utilised as an involution and formed the mind provides context for the temporal and spatial relationship between the subconscious mind physics of light and the conscious observation of reality through neurological functioning. The ideas shared are not fantasy but the revelation of changing the quark mathematics to enable positron introduction into the periodic table of atoms and the simple model of Newtonian physics inverse square law applied to Einstein’s geometry of light, magnetism and energy where m = E/c^2 and understanding how biology uses atomic tricks to tie light into knots to create atoms.

This is probably enough of a brain dump to turn things on its head at this stage. The implications are huge including light based healing technologies and a new science of quantum biology that is in its infancy having a foundation that is aligned to science that was known 1000s of years ago. Time will tell if this gains widespread appeal in the scientific community. Time in of itself is a feature of atoms decay and the time reversal symmetry that creates atoms within the mind through the flow of hydrogen can go both ways leading to retrieval of memories. It is only a matter of unlocking the light show within those results in the release of those atoms and provides context for the Lyman line vision of the golden sphere that I saw.

Labelled Bipolar by the medical profession because they could not understand the science of photo-Fenton chemistry I discovered in Manuka honey the breaking down of the aromatic ring within the memory forming neurotransmitter and the released of the atom and its decay. I stumbled upon the hydroxyl radical, and the spiritual entity / molecule known as the Holy Spirit. A molecule that lasts 1 nanosecond and can turn biology back into CO2 and water. This is what is responsible for apoptosis and phagocytosis in cell biology and what was responsible for giving me my spiritual healing and released trauma from my mother’s death when I was 11.

There is so much more to this story than I will share here but to say that I have used my own personal healing journey to understand the physics occurring within my own subconscious mind in order to heal trauma puts into context the fundamental understanding that I have developed through exploring the physics of mind in order to unlock the doors to reality and how it is provided to use through the minds light show. The products I now make help others on their own healing journey to restore one’s health and wellbeing through connection to the deepest parts of oneself. Let there be light and there was. In my case bee light.

Kind regards

Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc

Quantum Technologies Limited

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