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Delwyn Moller: A kiwi scientist helping to secure life on earth

Updated: Feb 19

Delwyn Moller

"I decided very early that I had no idea where I was going in life but it was going to be interesting" - Delwyn Moller

I'm very proud of my family. Delwyn, is no exception: even if it appears she still has no idea where she's going!

Delwyn will be in New Zealand to give a special public presentation about her work:

"Join us to hear from our NASA Award-Winning Graduate, Dr Delwyn Moller on Thursday 20 April


Radar System Engineer Dr Delwyn Moller has made headlines for her award-winning work in remote sensing technology. The University of Auckland Engineering alum developed technology now being used in multi-national missions to more accurately measure global sea level rise and map the planet for vital fresh water.

We are lucky enough to have Delwyn come and speak to us on Campus - a wonderful opportunity for students, staff and alumni to hear more about her incredible work."

Her lecture is open to the public but you need to register so that they have a head count prior to the day. See you there!

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