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Synthetic Biology is coming to your plate and your body!

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

GE Food

With alarm, I've watched the great steamrollers of climate change hysteria and biotechnology gathering momentum as they crush free speech and traditional farming in New Zealand.

For the record, I am not a climate change denier, but I question the narrative that traditional NZ farming must be a primary target if we are to save the planet. NZ farming could be made carbon neutral with just a few tweaks rather than enforcing crushing change, including punitive taxes and endless paperwork.

My dream for NZ farming remains that we become the GE-Free market garden supplying premium, nutrient-dense and high-value food for the rest of the world. However, the COVID pandemic has been the cover for the mass intrusion of genetic engineering. Despite widespread concern among the public, scientists and health professionals, there has been no debate about this technology's ethics or safety, and even the Greens are looking the other way! The global technocrats have set the agenda and control the narrative as they buy up New Zealand's farms.

"See no evil, hear no evil!"

The future of farming is grim unless there is pushback. If we fail to act, New Zealand's hills, other than the national parks and small pockets of native bush, will be a forest monoculture. At the same time, the remaining flat, arable land will be a monoculture of GE crops to produce frankenfood.

The GE Genie is out of the bottle. It will stay out unless there is pushback.

Beginning as early as next year, not only will your family be jabbed with DNA-altering drugs for every condition under the sun, but the same horror is planned with the genetic modification of animals and plants. Did you vote for any of this? Was it in the Labour Party's manifesto, and why are the opposition parties silent? Millions of taxpayer dollars are invested in GE technology research and production facilities in Auckland, Wellington and Timaru. Did you vote for this? Where's the debate about ethics and safety? Can these scientists and politicians even spell the word "ethics", let alone understand what it means?

Please take a few minutes to listen to Dr Guy Hatchard's Xmas message:

The silence from our religious leaders is deafening. How come? Frankenmilk is soon to be produced in vats of GE breast cell cultures and fed to our babies. Let's all have a free and frank discussion about this and similar plans before imposing them on us, please!


Professor John Fraser discusses mRNA technology with PM Jacinda Ardern.
Professor John Fraser discusses mRNA technology with PM Jacinda Ardern.

Wellbeing Budget 2022 funding of $40.7m over four years will support scientists who are looking to leverage exciting new mRNA technology and its potential for new medical therapies, says Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences dean Professor John Fraser.

Development of mRNA technology has taken a quantum leap during the COVID-19 pandemic, work that paves the way for further novel vaccines addressing challenging infectious diseases and other human and animal therapies.

“This funding is a clear signal of the government’s willingness to invest in an exciting and powerful new science and to develop mRNA expertise here in Aotearoa. mRNA technology can be applied to many therapeutics, not just vaccines,” Fraser says.


The technology may be exciting for them, but not for me!

Who and what do you think these technologies will be imposed on? They are coming, and we will not have any choice but to accept them into our food and to be injected into our bodies. They've perfected the formula of coercion, using lockdowns, and mandates, suppressing cheap and effective remedies, including healthy, natural food choices, plus controlling mainstream media and generally suppressing free speech. It can only get worse unless we push back. 2021 was the dress rehearsal for what is yet to come.

Rural NZ will be depopulated as people are concentrated in the cities. Oppressive regulations, plus the end of cash, will mean the end of the farmer's market. This is happening now!

A few big-tech agriculture monoliths will dominate agriculture for various reasons, including the bureaucratic burden of climate change taxes. These taxes, their volumes of paperwork, and the need to hire an army of consultants will crush the Mum and Dad farmers and gardeners. It is as if our politicians are waging a guerilla war on our farmers and rural communities.

For whatever reason, fuel, the lifeblood of agriculture, may have been weaponised. Let me explain and watch the video below.

The closing down and vandalising of our only oil refinery, Marsden Point, and lack of storage within NZ means we are just one tanker away from running out of diesel, the lifeblood for agriculture and the distribution of food. New Zealand is at the end of the tanker run (the next stop is Antarctica!), a war is waging in Europe, and China is in trouble. If the fuel runs out, this country is but two or three weeks away from mass starvation.

Marsden Point has not been mothballed; it has been vandalised - among many alleged unforgivable actions, they cut through the big electrical cables to the pumps and deliberately damaged the pipes. It will take years and millions of dollars if it is ever recommissioned. There is no backup. Why did they do this? Where's the outcry from the political opposition and the agriculture leadership?

The controlled opposition by the political parties and leaders of the agriculture sector means they betray those they represent. Who are they working for? The multinational technocrats?

What can we do? I recommend we get in behind Groundswell: subscribe to their newsletters and give them a donation. Groundswell is a grassroots volunteer-driven advocacy group seeking a halt to, and rewrite of, unworkable regulations which unfairly impact farmers and rural communities. Let's give them our support.


To finish, here is an article from a health professional and commentator, Dr Joseph Mercola, who I've been following for at least 20 years. Reading this, you will understand why we must support traditional GE-free farming (Per capita, New Zealand may already be the latest user of agricultural herbicides and pesticides):


  • The globalist technocrats are intent on monopolizing the entire food supply. They already have a monopoly on grains and have made headway in genetically engineered (GE) seafood. The next targets include lab-grown meats and dairy substitutes

  • Biomilq, made from cultured breast tissue, will be marketed as a breast milk substitute

  • The company Helaina is working on creating glycoproteins “identical to those found in breast milk.” Those proteins can then be added to a variety of infant formulas, seniors’ nutrition and, eventually, all sorts of foods

  • The justification for creating synthetic milk substitutes is, of course, preventing and reversing “climate change.” That’s the justification used to sell virtually all fake foods. In reality, however, they will perpetuate and worsen adverse effects on the environment

  • Lab-created foods are ultraprocessed and therefore qualify as junk food. Fake meat and dairy cannot replace the complex mix of nutrients found in grass fed beef and dairy, and it's likely that consuming ultraprocessed meat and milk alternatives may lead to many of the same health issues that are caused by a processed food diet

  • The starting ingredients in fermented synthetic biology products are cheap sugars derived from GE corn and soy. All GE crops are grown in environmentally destructive monocultures, and use loads of herbicides such as glyphosate, pesticides like neonicotinoids and synthetic fertilizers. As a result, they’re loaded with chemical residues that end up in the final product

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1 Comment

Paca Sad
Paca Sad
Dec 23, 2022

I agree with some of your reasoning especially regards the subtle or not so subtle government and world manipulation of a reset and control of the populace, and even as a Vegan Im not convinced of lab manufacturing , but.... any step to change the world in which animals are kept perpetually pregnant to produce milk for humans and when unable to get pregnant killed, a world where unwanted male offspring are slaughtered, a world where chickens, pigs etc are bred and adapted to achieve maximum growth and kept in deplorable and tortuous conditions is one in which I embrace

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