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Paul Brennan Interviews Gary Moller on Reality Check Radio!

(Updated 12 th May 2023)

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On Monday, 9th May, I engaged with Reality Check Radio host Paul Brennan.

First, I want to say that I could not have been contacted and interviewed by more open and inquiring media people than Paul and his team. They are the most refreshing breath of fresh air compared to so many other media organisations, some of which many I feel are loathsome and often dishonest - unashamedly pushing propaganda before truth.

So, I give Paul, Fleur and the team of RCR a big thumbs up!

So, click on the play button below, scroll quite a way down to find the interview with Gary Moller, click on it, lie back, relax and enjoy!

If you found the interview helpful and you'd like to hear more like this from me, please let RCR know:

And if you have not given our business a 5-Star rating recently, how about a new one now because it helps!

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