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Attention all health enthusiasts and supporters of natural medicine!

Updated: Apr 5

(Updated 30 April 2023)

Don't miss out on Tuesday's meeting! We're excited to have you join us (details below). You won't want to miss the fantastic lineup of speakers, including Yours Truly.

We've received an overwhelmingly positive response to our mailouts, flyers and adverts, and we anticipate a vibrant and engaged audience.

So mark your calendar and be there or be square! Let's make this an unforgettable event together.

TPB Flyer

It's time to act and stand up for our beliefs. As the timeless saying goes, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." We must not let powerful and greedy interests threaten these fundamental principles that underpin a healthy nation.

The Therapeutic Products Bill is the latest blatant attack on our natural health products and practitioners. This is unacceptable, and we need your support to halt this madness.

Please read some of the articles about this Bill by Dr Guy Hatchard here:

If this bill is passed, New Zealand importers and suppliers of natural health products will be forced out of business. Furthermore, thousands of natural health practitioners, including integrative doctors, may no longer be able to deliver their professional services without risking long jail terms, confiscation of property and massive fines. There will be strict limits on what health claims can be made and product potencies may be so weak as to render natural therapies impotent, thus sherpherding people more and more into the pharmaceutical camp.

When was the last time a person in New Zealand died from taking a vitamin pill, or was harmed from eating nutrient-dense food? Answer: One. According to the Coroner, following an analysis of records dating back 50 years, he identified one child who tragically choked to death on a vitamin pill.

As the saying goes, "If it ain't broke - don't fix it!"

But we can make a difference. We can show our outrage and demonstrate the power of public opinion. We need your family, friends, and colleagues to show up and be counted.

Join us on Tuesday, May 2nd (details in the flyers), for a lunchtime meeting where we will present powerful messages and share information about this bill's threat to our livelihoods and our nation's health. Put the meeting in your diary now! We need your support and your voice to make a difference.

So be brave, be assertive, and be there!

Come to the meeting, hear us out, challenge us with your questions, and show your support. Let's stand together because New Zealand now needs you more than ever.

If you can't attend the public meeting to listen to our awesome lineup of speakers and participate in the discussion, please sign up to the Natural Health Alliance to lend us your support that way, and to keep in touch. Please consider giving us a donation, so we can continue to fight the good fight on your behalf.

Together, we can protect our natural health products and practitioners and ensure that "let food be thy medicine" and "Heal thyself" are guiding principles for our nation.

Join us, and let's make a difference!


Press release by Paddy Fahy of the Natural Health Alliance:

"Importers and suppliers of natural health products in New Zealand will be forced out of business if the Therapeutic Products Bill currently before Parliament is passed into law as it stands. More...

TPB Flyer

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Oct 29, 2023

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