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New Zealand's plans for the "Great Reset"

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Klaus Schwab: Commander, WEF
Commandant Klaus Schwab, WEF

Did you know NZ is the world's most enthusiastic supporter of efforts to jab every man, woman, child and baby on the planet with a dodgy vaccine? We are the first donor to pledge US $9 million of funding as part of the new Gavi COVAX Advance Market Commitment fundraising round.

What's going on? Did you know they are doing this with your money? Our Government is on a wild spending spree, spending money it does not have. It took me a long time before I was even remotely prepared to comprehend any of this.

In case you don't already know, the Mother of our Nation's dearest friend is Klaus Schwab. Klaus is the self-appointed head of the World Economic Forum, an organisation instructing the NZ government on how to run our country as a totalitarian state. Klaus is an interesting character. But, tempted as I was to elaborate on Klaus's extracurricular activities, I deferred being on the side of good taste!

I'm using a little dark humour here, but we are in deep trouble as a democracy. Unless we act quickly to pull the plug on what we are now deeply immersed in, as it threatens our very existence.


Our beautiful country is falling into deliberate ruin

Our hospitals are in disrepair and understaffed: Did you know that 45% of psychiatrists are thinking of quitting because of the pressure they are under, and an unknown number of health professionals, including doctors and specialists, have lost their jobs due to the pandemic? None of these is the direct consequence of the virus. Instead, they are the consequence of Government policies in response to the virus: a BIG difference!

Rotorua is no longer Rotovegas: tourism has gone. Rotovegas is now the emergency housing capital of New Zealand. An estimated 90% of its hotels and motels are now MIQ facilities or emergency housing. Look closely in any town in NZ, and you see an unprecedented number of motels are now emergency housing.

The Government is spending at least $62 billion on its pandemic response, mainly to prop up businesses as they slowly have their wrists slit. Yes, some experts estimate that up to 30,000 small to medium-sized businesses will fail over the next year or two due to the Traffic Light System. When you think about it, this is $62 billion of wasted dollars, most borrowed and money that our children and grandchildren must repay. I guess this is somewhat selfish of us.

$62 billion is a lot of borrowed money for just five million people. It is money we don't have sitting around under the mattress doing nothing. Furthermore, we have no idea what the pandemic has cost non-government sectors, but it probably dwarfs $62 billion. The cost is beyond my abilities for calculation and imagination. We cannot place a figure on the harm done to the easy-going Kiwi lifestyle, our people's psyche, especially our children, nor can we estimate the cost of lost opportunities. But let's stick with $62 billion. It is a nice, round figure.

As NZ burns, our Government dabbles while rushing down the pathway of societal and financial ruin. While NZ spent a year in splendid COVID-free isolation, did the Government invest in preparing for the inevitable arrival of the virus on our shores? Not really, but they did sign a secretive deal with Pfizer to spend a suspected billion dollars a year for the next several years on a vaccine and endless boosters that do not work all that well! It is looking like the vaccine is killing as many as 100 healthy people to save just one unhealthy person!

Even if there was a safe and effective vaccine, this is not the be-all and end-all solution for a pandemic. We had a year to prepare and what we got was a big fat zero! In addition, the scientist and doctors who dared to question the official strategy and suggest additional health measures were publicly tarred and feathered.

What else could we have done with $62 billion?

We could have

  • Started another 20-40 infrastructure projects, equivalent in scale with Transmission Gulley.

  • Also, re-established a proper state housing programme to replace the current sham of one and to deal with the sky-rocketing homelessness.

  • Refurbished and rebuilt our existing hospitals.

  • Built new hospitals for every main provincial centre.

  • Doubled the number of student doctors and nurses.

  • Quadrupled the number of dental therapists in schools.

  • Given every man, woman and child a daily multivitamin - the "Kiwi Pill".

  • Taken taxes off fresh produce (while taxing junk food and sugar).

  • Provided free nutritious, whole foods meals in every low decile school for every child.

  • Run a "Let's get New Zealand Moving!" fitness campaign.

We could have done a lot better. But, hey, it is never too late! So come on, New Zealand: Let's get moving!

If there is one thing we can agree with Klaus and his mates it is this: It is time for a change; it is time for action; it is time for New Zealand's unique version of the "Great Reset!"

"Hey, Klaus: move over - shove off mate, we are taking charge and doing it our way from here!"

If we do not act now to retake control, here is what Klaus has planned for us all:

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