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Naturally Acquired Immunity Versus Vaccine Acquired Immunity



"There is no vaccine acquired immunity. The vaccine causes more problems than it solves.

Science and public policy seem to disagree over which one is better" (Dixie).



All of our immediate family have now had COVID and we are over it in more ways than one: I'm back into unrestricted daily exercise after resting for about 10 days while I fought the infection, then several more days of taking it easy while energy levels returned and the lungs cleared of residual phlegm (I'll write more about what I did to help recover).

My earlier article on the subject:

We now have superior natural immunity which is broad and lasting; however, those in charge of pushing the mRNA vaccines will not allow mention in public of natural immunity, let alone discussion about its vast superiority over the jabs. Their message is this: "Get your booster, wear your masks, shut down your business and fear your neighbours".

Its a fact for Viral Illness: Natural Immunity provides long-lasting protection

Now that we are immune, we want our lives back: we no longer want or need to wear masks, scan in, show our passports, fear those with the infection or fear infecting others, and we want to get back to running our business without restrictions - We now have immunity, we can not infect other people, and we have resistance to the next variant of this lab-made pathogen that comes along. We protect our community by contributing our naturally immunised bodies to collectively produce what is called "Herd Immunity".

Forget what the naysayer experts say (the ones receiving the money) - we have immunity. We can neither catch it again, nor can we spread it.

For more about the merits of natural immunity here is an article by Jennifer Margulis TIME November 9, 2021:

Naturally Acquired Immunity Versus Vaccine Acquired Immunity

“He’s got a pass!” said the dad sitting across from me at the airport in Bismarck, North Dakota, where we were both stranded due to flight delays. He gestured to his 5-year-old son. “Had a slight fever and tested positive for COVID. We had to keep him home from school for a couple weeks. Then, he tested negative and was good to go. I got the vaccine. My wife did, too. But he can travel anywhere without any testing, and there’s no vaccine for his age anyway.”

In Germany Natural Immunity Counts

Since the beginning of July in Germany, where that family lives, if you can demonstrate proof of being COVID-recovered and then have a subsequent negative COVID test, you are considered immune. For six months anyway, according to the German government.


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