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mRNA Vaccine: all risk, no benefits for healthy young people

Here is a must-watch video (click on the image to view):

My questions to you are these:

  • Other than the few brave doctors of NZDSOS, where are the New Zealand doctors?

  • Why would you ever subject your children to a medical procedure that is all risk and no benefit to them?

  • Is New Zealand a nation of cowards that will place their children in the front line, at risk of serious harm, in the vain hope that it might protect the adults?

stab vest

We need a better strategy to get us out of this mess. The way out is to:

  • Invest in actual public health (GST off fresh produce, sugar taxes, vitamin D, fresh air, better housing, and so on).

  • Nutritional support for building immune robustness:

  • Investment in building and refurbishing hospitals and health clinics.

  • Investment in training more health professionals such as nurses and Drs.

  • Early home and GP-based medical care.

  • Allow proven medical treatments, including off-patent drugs.

  • A strategy that relies on healthy people gaining broad and enduring natural immunity by being infected with Omicron.

  • Call for healthy volunteers to catch Omicron while protecting the vulnerable.

  • Open the country up once we have herd immunity from natural infection (Vaccines won't do this for this kind of virus)

man or mouse
Are you a Man or a Mouse?

It is time to discard the lies and be brave instead of a bunch of wimpy cowards led by fools. So I volunteer to catch Omicron today. Yes, I volunteer to be infected with Omicron, and without a day to waste. How about you? Let's act now to get this nonsense over and done with.

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