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More about the benefits of Vitamin D for Health

Updated: Mar 29


I received this message from one of my most trusted health professionals:


Have you seen these brilliant Vitamin D resources?

Safety up to 300,000 IU as a single dose to help correct severe vitamin D deficiency

And the Vitamin D level directly correlates to COVID outcomes

I had a long email exchange with MOH on Vitamin D for RSV. Talk about kicking the ball around. For something as important as this the upshot is that MOH leaves recommendations to individual doctors including for children hospitalised with RSV.


For most of us during Winter, a daily supplementary dose of about 4,000 IU/day will do the job, so long as it is consistent. This is very safe to do and there is seldom the need to megadose nutrients.

Using 60 Kg as your adult weight reduce the dose proportionately for children; so a 30 Kg child may have 2,000 IU/day. Vitamin D is best combined with many other nutrients, the minimum being zinc, NAC and vitamin C.

If you want a simple and affordable package made up for you, drop me a message via my website.


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