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Misplaced Rage

Updated: Mar 15

Unsafe Play Equipment
No more play: its all the fault of the unvaccinated! Yeah-right!

The discrimination is beginning, folks:

Working in Wellington Hospital involves a lot of walking to get from one section to the next. I hear that workers who choose not to have the jab must take the long routes while the main corridors are reserved for the vaccinated. I wonder how this is being policed?

The only good news is the unvaccinated are therefore getting to improve their fitness.


There are two rules that health professionals must adhere to:

  1. First, do no harm.

  2. Never use fear and coercion to promote a health measure.

Our Government and its health advisers are negligent on both counts and on a monumental scale.

I hear it, and I'm beginning to fear it: As vaccination rates climb and it becomes increasingly evident that the vaccine fails the basics for a safe and effective product, people are starting to rage. In response to this failure, the minority of us who still refuse to take the jab is this rage's irrational target. I can see the day coming when the unvaccinated can not enter shops, malls, government buildings, hospitals, or use any public transport, including taxis. I know health professionals who expect to lose their jobs soon because they have not taken the jab. This is coming: creating a sub-class of New Zealand society: a damaged and divided country.

If the jab is safe and effective, the vaccinated would have nothing to fear from those who choose not to take it. But, again, this is basic, common sense stuff that is beyond the intelligence of our leaders.

Let's all wake up and direct our rage at those who have earned it: our leaders and their advisers, not our neighbours.

"Our leaders need to stop making up facts to support their agendas and deliver honest information to the public, and they need to stop this disgusting fear-mongering. Its toll on our mental health is becoming intolerable."

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1 Comment

Aug 27, 2021

Hear hear! Thank you for this. Spot on.

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