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As the rest of the world returns to normal...

Updated: Aug 27, 2021


I received this message from Ulf Martin who runs this website which has information about the Pandemic:

Ulf is one of my "eyes and ears" scattered around the world. He helps us cut through the misinformation that is being lathered upon us by the Spin Doctors.

Today, Ulf wrote:

"In Poland there is also no covid anymore. The same is reported from Scandinavia, the Netherlands, and pretty much the entire Balkan w/exception of Greece. Germany is mixed, half of the people in psychosis half not. Best Ulf."

Whether or not this is exactly as said above will be seen, but it is encouraging to see some people are able, apparently, to return more or less to normal, without an upsurge in deaths ("cases" are not really the issue).

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, the land of many sheep...

To better understand what is going on, read my article here:

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