• Gary Moller

Is Vegan the healthiest way to eat?

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

"Hi Gary, Firstly good luck at the WC, I admire your tenacity and positivity- as well as your strength and fitness. 2ndly we were visiting kiwi friends in Oz- she has had years of auto immune & bowel issues and has been on serious drug programme with the Australian health System (which seems to be streets ahead of NZ’s). XXX- has completed a PHD in health science or something similar so is fully aware of what was happening to her body. Her weight was alarming- down to 43kg at one stage! She did a lot of research and as a last resort after years of pain and suffering slowly dropped her medication. She changed her diet completely (but has always been a healthy eater, non drinker etc). Part of the process was a fasting diet for 7 days!!- (and on-going every 4 months or so) Then returning to a Vegan diet. Fast forward 1-2 years she is healthy, has heaps of energy and lives a normal life!

Vegan Sandwich
Vegan Sandwich

A very good story- but what is even more amazing is she told us about a couple she met (you might of them anyway, Alan Murray and Janette Murray-Wakelin. BTW Janette told me she’s from Lower Hutt!).  After being diagnosed with breast cancer she gave up medication, turned vegan, and was clear after 6 months, then firstly ran a marathon a day around NZ- 50 days! Then 6 or so years later ran around Oz- 366 consecutive marathons- surviving on fruit and vegetables! An amazing story. If you haven’t seen the DVD (for me it was inspiring) I can loan you mine when you’re back- if you’re interested. https://rawveganpath.com/running-raw-around-australia/ Very inspiring. Go hard Gary and say hi to Alofa"

(Name supplied but withheld and permission to publish obtained)

This email raises the question about whether a vegan diet is the holy grail for health and longevity? I think not and say the same about other diets such as the Paleo and Keto diets. All have their merits but none are the Holy Grail. Actually, I have made fun of the Paleo Diet in the past: http://blog.garymoller.com/2013/04/bone-broth-one-of-wholefoods-nutrient.html

Health and longevity comes not from extreme diets of any form but from some proven basics including:

  • Home or locally grown/raised foods that are prepared from their basic, raw ingredients.

  • Regular, moderate exercise such as walking and digging the garden.

  • Strong family and community ties.

Okinawa Centenarian Research Study

I've been following this study of the Centenarians of Okinawa for the best part of 40 years. We can learn a lot about what it takes to have a long, productive and satisfying life. The formula is actually quite simple and does not include dietary extremes. Nor does it include medication.

You can read about the Centenarian Study here: