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Is it Time to Take to the Streets and Protest?

Updated: Apr 5

"On Tuesday, along with Winston Peters, Gary Moller, and others, I spoke at the Wellington conference opposing the Therapeutic Products Bill (TPB). I was gratified to hear Winston, our former foreign minister and deputy prime minister, reiterating his long term opposition to draconian regulation of natural health products. 65% of Kiwis use them. They’re safe. Winston described the TPB as an overreach out of touch with the people, which should be abandoned."

Chimp with revolver


I agree with Guy: It is not time to protest in the streets - not yet anyway, because the power of the State is such that it can violently crush any protest. They have demonstrated they can and will exercise brutal power against their people already. Instead, we must continue highlighting the science, reasoning and commonsense, which are all on our side, hence, why we organised last Tuesday's conference about the oppressive Therapeutic Products Bill.

We had a fantastic response, with an estimated 300 animated and enthusiastic people attending (it might have looked like fewer, but people were coming and going depending on their lunch breaks).

A professional videographer taped the presentations, and these will be posted online for circulation shortly.

In the meantime, while waiting for the videos, here are a handful of the slides with my call for action:

Our Strategy outlined

Think like winners

A quotation by Lorraine Moller

I'm on Reality Check Radio with Paul Brennan on Monday at 8 am.

Please ensure you are listening, although there will be replays here that you can share with others:

Please pass the word and keep strong, my friends!


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