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In With Audio, Out With Google Spying


If you are into devouring background information to get your head around what is going on in New Zealand right now and elsewhere, here is some reading for you.


In With Audio, Out With Google Spying

Two big changes to Brownstone in the last few days: we’ve added audio on selected articles and removed all Google Analytics tracking on the site. Everyone loves audio, and the first article linked below explains the second decision.

Here are some new features in the last week:

Your Privacy and Brownstone’s Digital Strategy. These are enormously stressful times for all. They require everyone to reassess and rethink our relationship to technology for reasons of preserving freedom, privacy, and independence. We need to do our best to avoid becoming part of the privatization of the state. We have taken an important step in that direction.

The COVAX Delusion Reinforces Pharmaceutical Colonialism BY DAVID BELL. COVAX is a vehicle by which a very powerful and wealthy group seeks to impose a new paradigm on global public health, with centralized, pharma-based interventions replacing community-driven healthcare and national health sovereignty. We cannot afford to leave it as a side issue to the local battles that we face, or our successes will be pyrrhic. The corporatist, centralized health paradigm that COVAX epitomizes is a fog of delusion that seeks to ensnare us all.

Skepticism as a New Way of Life BY JOAKIM BOOK. This is the story of a tribe of navel-gazing authoritarians imposing rules on the rest of us, rules that don’t make sense, that are routinely flaunted by their proponents, and in aggregate don’t achieve the goals they’re said to achieve. There is no reason to puzzle about the lost of trust and the rise of grave skepticism about elite plans for our lives.