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How to wake up fresh in the morning

Updated: Feb 21

Sleeping Dogs

I'm a poor sleeper, I think mostly due to being a chronic over-exerciser and working too long hours and depleting my hormones and neurotransmitters. I've explored many remedies and, I'm sad to say, few, if any work and probably won't unless I drastically change my manic lifestyle, but I have one more world championship to win!

I have been meaning to write an article about my experiences but someone sent me a video on the topic by Dr Eric Berg and he does a much better job than I ever could.

Of particular interest are his recommendations about a few supplements which I can get for you if you want to give them a trial. He talks about melatonin and cautions its use. I agree. It is always risky taking a hormone because doing so can further reduce your already struggling internal production, potentially making matters worse for you over the longterm. It is always better to support your own endogenous production of hormones and neurotransmitters. If you are ever going to take replacement therapy, this should only be for the shortest period such as 10 days and not longer.

Dr Berg talks about exposure to EMF and its effect on sleep and health in general. This is a hot topic right now due to the conspiracy theories about 5G which is a form of EMF. I share Dr Berg's concerns about the ubiquitous nature of EMF nowadays. There are definitely health consequences from excessive or chronic exposure to EMF and we should do all we can to reduce exposure.

There are some easy things we can do to reduce EMF exposure: During these cold Winter nights we prewarm the bed with an electric blanket but it is switched off at the wall once we are snuggled in. When I answer a phone, be it a cell phone or cordless, I put it on speaker just as Dr Berg recommends. Easy! It may seem to be overkill by a health nutter but all of these casual exposures can sure add up over the day and night and many are actually so easy to reduce!

Sleep well folks!

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