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How to Improve Post-Viral Lung Health and Other Symptoms

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Right now it seems every second person in New Zealand has a phlegmy cough and feels fatigued following a flu-like viral infection that is sweeping the land.

The infection (COVID) is producing symptoms that are almost indiscernible from that of influenza. In this case, people, vaccinated and unvaccinated, are typically being laid low for 2-3 days of bed rest followed by a gradual recovery taking two to three weeks for most people. Typically, the older a person, the more severe and lasting the symptoms.

The post-viral symptoms commonly reported are fatigue, loss of taste and smell and lungs that feel full of gunk (phlegm), causing a persistent cough.

Post-Viral Fatigue

Fatigue following a viral infection is not hard to explain since lingering fatigue is always the case following any kind of infectious assault on one's body. Every cell in your body has been stressed, many beyond repair, plus organs like your liver and kidneys must work overtime to remove the wastes from dead and dying tissue and to aid the processes of healing. This takes several weeks to complete and can not be rushed, so the best thing you can do is take your time, rest as required, eat nutritious food, take the right combination of supplements, and get moderate exercise in the sunshine and fresh air.

Loss of Taste and Smell

The loss of taste and smell is not a medical mystery, although the experts who profit from fear-mongering do not want you to know that everyone who suffers tissue damage, and especially during a viral infection, will lose their taste and smell to some extent and it may be slow to recover if tissue stores of zinc are depleted (you can't patent zinc, by the way, so it has little or no role in Allopathic Medicine). The loss of these senses is due to the diversion of precious zinc to fight viral replication and aid tissue repair. If zinc is diverted to acute needs, nerves and neurotransmitters suffer, particularly the ones responsible for taste and smell. The modern diet lacks zinc and many toxins such as mercury deplete zinc stores, so most people are already too low in this and other nutritional elements. So, it is easy to understand is why few people have a hearty appetite when in hospital, and why ice cream and jelly are so popular. If a health professional does not understand this, please suggest they go back to school.

Chicken Soup

Grandma's remedies included chicken soup with lots of healing and nutritious herbs and spices as the first meal or three when recovering from a viral infection. Grandma was right and you can find out by giving it a go. Chicken soup is easy to digest and nourishes and soothes an inflamed digestive tract (it is rich in collagen). So, get someone to cook up a pot of homemade chicken soup for you to sip on once your appetite shows signs of returning. You won't regret this choice of meal!

Phlegm in Lungs