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Hey, Stupid! Omicron Virus Variant Holds A Startling Message


I see the latest variant, Omicron, has been released upon traumatised humanity. Now, how predictable was that? Many people thought, with 90% vaccination rates we were soon to return to normal; whereas others, including myself, have been saying this is just the beginning of our oppression.

The sad fact is we face an uncertain future of forever vaccines and the progressive loss of our freedoms. To add to the insult, the smug people behind this think we are imbeciles: idiots: dumb-asses. They are not going to let up with this power grab until the people wake up and say, "Stop! Enough of this nonsense! "

Principia Scientific International is a private, UK-based organisation dedicated to countering the widespread perception of increased corporate and governmental meddling in science. They give disenfranchised specialists who seek a voice in the one forum not yet entirely constrained by the gatekeeping mentality of self-serving politicians, media and publishing outlets: the internet.

John O'Sullivan, one of the contributors to Principia Scientifica writes:

"'Experts' on SARS-CoV-2 tell us the virus has many lineages, and each may be more deadly (or less so) than the last. Only the gullible and uneducated masses will fear the newest variant: OMICRON. This is an anagram for MORONIC..." Governments around the world are ramping up panic and prepping for a winter of more mass lockdowns and a return of other failed policies."

Read the rest of John's article to understand that they are playing you and your family as fools:

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