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Here's some fun from the 2019 Master's Mountain Bike Champs

Updated: Feb 29

It does not look like I will go back to the UCI Master's Mountain Biking World Championships for a few years because of the COVID Pandemic. I guess that means the only option is for me to sit back and watch some video of last year's racing in Mt St. Anne, Canada. Gosh - it was so exciting and so much fun as you will gather as you watch these videos.

The standard of the racing was impressive and the semi-pros made navigating the rocky terrain look so easy. It was far from easy. Isn't it great the way the crowd encouraged every rider!

Despite a nasty crash caused by another rider taking me out, I won my race with relative ease, making it back-to-back titles in the M65 age group. That's a total of two golds and one silver.

One consolation prize that comes with the pandemic is I get to be the reigning champ for an extra year. I'll gladly take that!

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