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Have Millions been killed by the mRNA Injections?

Updated: Apr 6

Or is it just a Coincidence?

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand what these charts mean:

Jabs and Deaths Chart one

Jabs and Deaths Chart two

Jabs and Deaths Chart 3

Jabs and Deaths Chart 4

I wonder how things are in New Zealand right now? We live above Wellington Hospital, and the sirens of ambulances and the sound of rescue helicopters have been constant most days since the latest round of jabs. So. I'll assume it is more carnage on top of the tsunami of what we already have:

Here is the source of these charts and the commentary that goes with them:

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2 comentarios

22 may 2023

we live on the flight path for emergency helicopters between Tauranga and Waikato hospitals. Same thing - during lock down ....nothing.....then as soon as jabs started at least one flight daily, usually more, then jabathon weekends four flights every day for a while, now back down to one a week or so.

Me gusta

Dr Keryn Johnson
Dr Keryn Johnson
22 may 2023

Hi Gary,

Crimes against humanity are well underway in the nefarious war on individual freedoms.

Science uses a model for biology based on stable atoms. It has developed this understanding by pulling everything apart into individual molecules in order to understand the role that each molecule plays in the formation of life. That is the concept of reductionism.

It suggests that biology is identical in terms of its atoms as observed in a chair or a table. Common everyday objects that behave themselves in terms of the way there atoms are stable and they remain in place and do not get up and walk out the door as a person can.

The inability of reductionism to identify 95% of the…

Me gusta
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