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Gender Politics in Sport: The Absence of Common Sense

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

(Updated 28 June 2022)

I've written several articles about the political assault on what it is to be a woman, especially as it applies to women's sports at all levels from puberty. Unfortunately, since my last articles on this topic, things have heated up and gone from bad to worse: Now, even US Supreme Court judges do not know what a woman is - God help us all!

While this video parody below is amusing, it contains an ominous message about just how far things are going in the wrong direction, including in sport:

What is a woman?

Relax one evening and watch this documentary which is causing quite a stir, so, "What is a Woman?"

We cannot ignore our genetics without getting into trouble. Men and women are different, physically and biologically: The physique and biochemistry of the male are purposed to do the heavy lifting, bring home the bacon and fight to the death to protect their tribe, whereas the physical structure and hormonal biochemistry of a woman are designed to bear children and to nurture. While there are many similarities in physique and cross-over in how men and women interact in society, the simple fact is this: The average man has a significant physical strength advantage over the average woman. This is why we send young men to the front lines of battle while the women stay behind and keep the home fires burning. A tribe that allows its women to die by pitting them against male warriors is a tribe that is doomed to extinction. Sure, things are different these days but if we think of sport as a type of warfare, there are very few sports where a woman can safely and fairly compete against a man.


We can't have people who are not biological women competing against women in sports, even if there was a transition from male to female, because many physical advantages remain permanently. There are safety concerns as well as the loss of opportunity for biological women who lose to non-biological women, such as the loss of opportunity to stand on the podium, represent their school, their club, province and country, win a medal, break a record, gain educational scholarships and so on. So the potential losses of opportunity for biological women are enormous, as are the risks of suffering serious physical harm, especially in contact sports.

MMA fighters

My sister, Lorraine, has always been an advocate for women's sports. On this issue she wrote:

"Has the cosmic joker just gone full-time? He must be laughing his head off!"How can someone want to be something that they can't define what it is? If you can't say what a woman is, then how can you know if you've made it to being a woman? The question is oxymoronic because a man simply cannot be a woman. It's a biological impossibility. To push this trans agenda onto sports (and I am convinced this is a top-down driven agenda and does originate from a genuine grassroots trans-athlete movement) is not only a trespass against women and girls but also an insult to humanity. Any male who lauds it over women by tying his hair in a ponytail and calling himself Susan as he blasts by them to snatch the prizes destroys the ethos of sport and displays the worst kind of misogyny. It's a sad indictment on our society that this has ever been allowed to happen."

New Zealand's leaders of women's sports have failed to stick up for biological women's rights to participate in a fair and safe environment at every level of sports. In my opinion, they have acted with cowardice and ignorance, responding with statements such as, "We need more research"! Do we need more research? Give us all a break!

Let me help with their research because I have spent a lifetime studying women, including growing up with three strong sisters and raising two kick-arse daughters:

A woman is a mature human being with the XX chromosome:

  • X – Roughly 1 in 2,000 to 1 in 5,000 people

  • XX – Female.

  • XXY – Roughly 1 in 500 to 1 in 1,000 people

  • XY – Male.

  • XYY – Roughly 1 out of 1,000 people.

She has a vagina, uterus and ovaries, and from puberty, she is capable of bearing a child.

On the other hand, a male has the XY chromosome, is born with a penis and testicles and cannot bear a child.

Can we be any clearer about the difference between a man and a woman?

In conclusion:

Let's exercise common sense and keep women's sports exclusively for biological women. If anyone else wants to identify as a woman, be it a biological male or a variation such as the XYY chromosome, that's perfectly fine by me and most other people, but if they want to compete in sports, let this be in the men's category. Actually, why don't we redefine men's sport as being open for all, including biological women, if they so desire, but in doing so, we retain an exclusive category for women - a category that is inviolable?

More reading:

A friend wrote me this, and I think it is relevant to what is going on in society and how we see ourselves as human beings - even our genders are being manipulated for the advantage of others who have questionable motives:

"Gary, This is a very long video, but it's well worth spending the time watching.

It explains how modern marketing, PR, and governments evolved in the 20th century to manipulate the masses using the psychology of Jung and Freud and how they play to the primal instincts of humans. The nazis were well versed in this and perfected it. They knew what they were doing. But it's been carried on further by modern governments more subtly. Unfortunately, a lot of people have been turned into sheep by the crowd mentality":

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