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Garbage in - Garbage out!

garbage truck

(As I type this article, the 3rd helicopter for today passes by to deliver yet another patient to Wellington Hospital, and the ambulances have been busy).

I received this email from a health professional who I consider to be at the forefront of his profession worldwide:

"Have you seen this study? The findings and conclusions fly in the face of everything I have read on covid and the mRNA covid vaccines.

It doesn’t fit with what I see in my clients either.

I would be very keen to get your take on it."

I replied, saying it did not fit with what we see in our clinic either, nor does it fit with the cacophony of ambulance sirens and helicopters ferrying people to Wellington hospital day and night, so what is going on?

If I could see the baseline data behind the study, I still am not the right person to dissect the data. Still, I read a lot, listen to many experts, and have 45 years of working full-time in health - at the coal-face, so these qualify me to make some informed observations. So, what do I think is going on? Why is there such dissonance between this study and what experienced health professionals are experiencing in the clinic?


If the data does not match what health professionals working at the coal face see daily, then one of the first things to consider is whether the data is dirty, and, in the case of COVID, I think it is.

Follow the money

From the outset, the COVID response has been a massive honeypot for every participant other than you and me, despite the fact we are the ones who are paying the bills!

“They put Covid-19 on my Dad's death certificate. "

Although this video below by Lena Kay is from a couple of years ago, it still rings true. Since then, the media, medics, hospitals, medical schools, Big Pharma and many more sectors of society and individuals have made trillions of dollars. Even the undertrained school leaver jabbing the school kids is making six-figure incomes and, as they say, "follow the money". Like what is being thrown around, money also buys silence and encourages active participation in committing a crime.

How immunity is defined

This next factor causing dirty data is insane:

According to the Mayo Clinic, "You’re considered fully vaccinated two weeks after you get a second dose of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, two weeks after you get a second dose of the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine, or two weeks after you get a single dose of the Janssen/Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. You are considered up to date with your vaccines if you have gotten all recommended COVID-19 vaccines, including booster doses, when you become eligible."

Here's the thing: If you are going to have a bad reaction to the vaccine, you are most likely during the first few weeks after the first and then the second jab, while you are not yet officially vaccinated. Then you cease to be vaccinated if you don't get your booster on time! Then, bearing in mind what Lena said in her video about how quickly and enthusiastically doctors will blame COVID for everything, it begs the question of how many adverse reactions to the jab are blamed on a COVID infection. Most mRNA adverse reactions are either ignored or blamed on the virus, whether or not they have a positive test.

"I was rushed to hospital in an ambulance because I thought I was having a heart attack. They hooked me up to machines, took lots of blood tests, then told me I was having an anxiety attack and sent me home. Nobody asked me if I'd had the COVID vaccine."

(A patient's experience)

If you don't look, you won't see!

Here is another thing: The COVID mRNA vaccine damages people's immune systems and makes them more vulnerable to severe COVID infection! There is the steepest decline in immune health within the first weeks of the shot and more so for longer following each booster. The more boosters, the weaker the immune system and, most seriously, immediately following the jab when it happens the person is officially not vaccinated.

This is not a vaccine because a real vaccine protects the recipient from infection and prevents transmission. This one does neither.

So, I am sceptical of its findings until the issues raised in this article are clarified, and the study in question is independently replicated enough times to give us a high confidence level. I will continue to go with what we see in the clinic until the evidence is compelling enough to warrant a change of message.

"This does not compute - This does not compute!"

To resolve the question of whether more unvaccinated are dying from COVID, scientists need to study the health status of a large group of people who have never had an mRNA jab alongside people of similar demographics who have had the jab and are up-scheduled for their boosters. This research should have been done before attempting to innoculate humanity with an untested drug that is now harming more people than it ever helped.

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1 Comment

Paul Scott
Paul Scott
Dec 27, 2022

We can now safely assume that most media reported studies are false. This is that 97% of scientists agree with the funder's requirement for the outcome. There are several reputable studies showing that most scientific analysis is meaningles by faulty design or manipulation. If you don't know who funded the project you don't know anything . I have heard scientists say that we are doing a study to show that .... > the outcome is predecided, . What you do know is that if its on the TV it is propaganda. This propaganda applies to everything from Russia with hate to Covbid and climate with fear and control objectives . The good news is that we now …

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