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Coming soon: your Instant Baby in a Bag!

Today we might call it predictive programming but back then we called it parody for the absurdity of it and laughed our heads off. As a reality facing us, it is not so funny, in fact, disturbing to life and love as we know it.

Are we being set up for baby-making to be separated from lovemaking, mothering by the female, and the care and protection of fathering, to become a mechanical event managed by the state? Babies born in plastic bags? It's real.


"In this insane new video from SciShow, we get a peak into a Matrix-like future where babies are grown in bags. Scientists have recently succeeded in keeping a lamb fetus in a "BioBag" for four weeks while it continued to grow and develop. The bag was filled with electrolyte-laced water that simulated amniotic fluid, and the fetus' umbilical cord was connected to a bag of blood that simulated the connection to the mother.

The idea behind this experiment is that were this technique to work in humans, premature babies who are born with undeveloped lungs could be given more time to grow before they're exposed to the world. Though this technology is amazing and could provide a lifesaving tool to the families of premature babies, it's hard not to imagine a dystopian future where we can watch human children develop in plastic bags. Right now, that future is far away, but watching a lamb fetus squirm in a bag makes it feel closer than ever."


My questions to you about this and other technologies such as gene editing and mRNA vaccines are these:

  1. Where is the ethical oversight of these experiments?

  2. Where is the public debate before allowing these experiments on creatures let alone humans?

  3. Who is responsible for preserving the sanctity of life? I think it obvious that we, humanity, are the ones who are responsible for protecting and preserving life on Planet Earth, and all that life represents, so my last question is:

  4. Do we allow these idiots to fiddle with Life's Godscript: DNA? Of course not!

What I fear most is we are having these technologies foisted upon us by mad scientists, psychopathic billionaires, and corrupt politicians. Once these technologies are out of their bags, there may be no going back, no matter how horrible and permanent the consequences might be.

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