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Well, I never knew it: Men really can have babies!

Warning: Images may be disturbing. Proceed with caution. Not suitable for Woke Types.


Watch the short video below to get an idea of, yikkety-yik what's up Doc, and you will also understand why broadcasters like Joe Rogan, who call it like it is, are under sustained attack by the dark forces of Wokeism and Communism.

From today, it is to be known that the birth of the gender-neutral "Thing-Baby", is by what is called the "Pregnant Person", better known as a "Thing". "He" and "She" are now forbidden words. "Real Men" with dangly bits are banned from the delivery room. It is also declared that bedside support may only be from the "Its" that appear on the State's list of approved "Wokey Thingamies":


Let's finish with these:

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