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Barry "The Whistle": Hero or Felon?

(Updated: 20th February, 2024)

Whistleblower Exposes Disturbing Safety Concerns in Covid-19 Vaccination Database & What it Means

Is it a Red Card for mRNA Jabs?

Someone within the Ministry of Health, an extremely credible, well-placed, and qualified source, has bravely supplied the following statement for publication (I have edited their statement a little to protect their anonymity because I do not want to be responsible for them losing their job and becoming unemployable by way of ostracism):

"Hi Gary, in your blog, you had a question relating to the accuracy of Barry’s data. It is accurate.  I know this because (Deleted xxxx......).The data collection is very simple. Vaccination data has a person's id and date of vaccination.  The person's id is linked to the register of births and deaths from which one gets the date of birth and if there, date of death. Can’t be simpler.The MOH has audit procedures to ensure pay-per-dose vaccination data is valid and accurate. Even though I had nothing to do with Barry's actions, I know the data he used is valid."

What are the implications of this data and what else do we know?

  1. It confirms New Zealand is in the midst of a slow-motion genocide.

  2. From the very beginning and to this day, this horror is being concealed from the public.

  3. Despite the increasing evidence disproving it, politicians, health officials, and health experts persist in spreading false information about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, and actively encourage and administer it.

  4. They are using fear and intimidation, social exclusion, cancellation, and complete suppression to conceal their wrongdoings.

  5. Billions of dollars were borrowed to secure favour and silence, including from the media, resulting in the burden of massive debt for both present and future generations.

  6. Their actions are resulting in deaths and many people becoming chronically sick, intergenerationally, which is putting the health system at risk of collapsing.

  7. They exempted and protected themselves from genocide, while imposing it upon their fellow citizens:

  8. Their actions are in violation of the Nuremberg Code and the Hippocratic Oath, which dictate that they must prioritise avoiding harm.

  9. Those individuals who persist in deceiving, advocating for, and administering the "jab" must be held to account before the people, then sentenced to prison or receiving even harsher consequences.


(Gary Moller, a healthcare professional with over fifty years of experience, has written this essay to offer his insights, and to encourage thoughtful discussions on significant health matters).


Is Barry a Hero!

Barry Young was a dedicated employee at Health NZ, where he played a crucial role in developing and managing a Covid-19 vaccination database. This database was responsible for tracking pay-per-dose providers, including doctors and chemists administering the vaccines.

However, Barry's commitment to his work led him down a path of unsettling discoveries. Within the data, he noticed disturbing clusters of deaths occurring at certain vaccination centres. According to the data, in some cases, death rates following COVID mRNA vaccinations reached an alarming 28 percent. These findings raised significant safety concerns that demanded immediate attention.

Please read this article then come back to this one:

Despite Barry's efforts to bring these red flags to the attention of NZ Health, his concerns fell on deaf ears. Tormented by what he had uncovered and haunted by the potential risks, Barry made the courageous decision to blow the whistle on the situation. His conscience guided him to act.

Unfortunately, Barry's act of bravery did not go unnoticed. On 4th December, 2023, he was arrested and charged with "accessing a computer system for a dishonest purpose." Spending two nights in jail, Barry faced two court appearances before being released on bail.

On 18th December, Barry appeared in court for the third time, pleading not guilty to the charges. Opting for a trial by jury, he sought justice for his actions. The next court appearance, a Case Review, is scheduled for 10:15am on Friday, 23rd February, at the Wellington District Court, which you are invited to attend.

The implications of Barry's findings are significant, as they raise questions about the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 mRNA vaccinations, and confirm deep concerns and alarm that this drug is ineffective and doing far more harm than good. It is essential that these concerns are thoroughly investigated and addressed to protect the well-being of the public.

Barry's case serves as a stark reminder that speaking up for what is right, even in the face of adversity, is a responsibility we all share. The pursuit of truth and the protection of public health should always prevail, no matter the obstacles encountered along the way.

Is the data Barry released accurate?

According to our reliable source, we can say, "Yes, it appears to be so!"

Here is a summary of what we know from the data Barry released but which is now being suppressed by way of a legal injunction:

- In a single vaccination center located in Invercargill, 51 individuals received their vaccinations in a span of two hours and unfortunately all of them have passed away. - Meanwhile, out of the 837 individuals who received their vaccinations at a different center, 253 have also met the same fate. - This translates to a mortality rate of 30% among the vaccinated individuals at that particular center. - In another vaccination center, out of 923 individuals who received their vaccinations, 276 have passed away. - Several other vaccination centers across the country have also recorded a mortality rate of close to 30%.

Investigation - not Persecution!


Rather than punishing good-hearted whistle-blowers like Barry and labelling him and others as purveyors of false information, we must launch an immediate inquiry - this is of such massive, grave consequences that it cannot wait for Winston Peter's inquiry into COVID. If the data is accurate, then people are needlessly dying as I type.

Can we trust the data? If we can, what measures will be implemented to handle it? Or will it be ignored and covered up, denying the possibility of "killing fields"? This is unacceptable. We must immediately conduct fair and thorough inquiries, as all evidence suggests that the data is accurate. If this is verified, then we are dealing with a serious public health crisis caused by our healthcare system, with potential implications for criminal behaviour.

First, do no harm!

Before conducting an inquiry that will require a significant amount of time, the distribution of mRNA vaccines must be stopped immediately. There is abundant proof that these medications may be causing harm. Medical experts and healthcare workers who persist in promoting this drug, while making unsupported assertions of its safety and efficacy, are violating the Hippocratic Oath and the Nuremberg Code. They have had ample opportunity to recognise that their continued support of this drug borders on criminal behaviour, if not outright criminality.

Therefore, put a stop to it immediately and investigate!

Please read this excellent article by "Flag 'n Fix":

Here is an article with proof we are being lied to:

More and more individuals are becoming aware of this ongoing catastrophe, however, their awareness is not increasing quickly enough. Thus, please help to share this information widely. Thank you!


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