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An Update from Gary Moller

Alofa and Gary
Alofa and Gary

I must apologise for being so quiet lately. I took a mental break, and then I got terribly ill! Let me explain:

About a month ago, it was time to take a mental break from two of the most stressful years of my life. Two weeks ago, feeling rejuvenated, I was all geared up to get back to the frontlines of the battle to combat the misinformation hordes that are overwhelming this free and easy-going country.

(In case you are unaware, these evil forces are hell-bent on reducing New Zealand and other Western Democracies into a single dystopian Orwellian society under a One-World Government. A tiny number of super-wealthy people are driving this horrific plan. These psychopaths arrogantly think they are better than us. If we let them have their way, we will own nothing and be under constant surveillance, and specific medical procedures will be compulsory. Their goal, by 2030, is to reduce the human population by 90%! This Dystopian scenario is no longer a conspiracy theory but now an open conspiracy, as articulated in the writings and videos produced by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Under their rule, there will be no choices other than foods like the Gates Soy-Burger and Big Pharma Patent Drugs will have wholly replaced food-based therapies, and your GP will be an App on your phone, operated by Artificial Intelligence. Expect this to be the norm by 2030. Please don't be naive; this is what will be by then unless we push back. I'll write more about this soon, including the evidence for what is claimed)

So, I was getting back into things when the most intense infection had me bedridden for the best part of a week! I'm now well on the road to recovery, but it sure was severe. This illness means our income has suffered, and we are now in a backlog of inquiries from our regular clients. On top of that, I'm behind almost everything else, including caring for the plants in our greenhouse! Furthermore, defending my Cyclocross Masters 60+ title at the NZ Championships a few months from now is a little bit tougher! I'm 69 in a few months, so I'm not far off ten years on the top of the national podium: That's a good challenge!

In some ways, I am delighted to have been ill: For a person to have a long and healthy life, one of the key strategies is to keep 20 years ahead of any disease. This strategy means searching for hints of the earliest signs so that remedies have the best chance of eliminating that disease risk factor well before it becomes a medical issue. For the best part of the last 20 years, all my Hair Tissue Mineral Analisis tests (HTMA) have indicated a sub-clinical infection. Unfortunately, I've never been able to detect the source - until now! I will write an article about this for you since it has some important lessons for everyone. Setbacks and failures, including illness, may be unwelcome, but they are the best teachers only if one is open to receiving the wisdom they bring. I'll explain in the article the great lessons this illness had for me. Be prepared to be surprised.

Just one thing: If you want to support the work Alofa and I do, including all the free information and guidance about health, nutrition and exercise, the best thing you can do is buy products from us. What we make from these sales allows us to provide this personal service. So bear this in mind before you purchase from the massive online supermarkets: They'll never give you the kind of personal service you get from us.

I'm finally back in action, so I'll sign off now and get stuck into that backlog of emails, etc. and start working on banging out some more articles.

Thank you for being so patient and for your support: We could not do any of this without you, so thank you!

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