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A letter to David Seymour of ACT

The following letter by Colin Wightman sent yesterday is reproduced with his permission. Understandably, a reply has not yet been received.


David Seymour,ACT Party Leader Good afternoon David. Thanks for your time after the outstanding event on Saturday here in Christchurch. The friends I had with me are very much part of the pro democracy movement which is growing in stature here in NZ as more people become aware of the underbelly aspect of the UN Agenda that Jim Bolger signed into in 1992 which at the time appeared to be credible and for “the good” of all signatory countries involved. Unfortunately, the 10 to 15% of people now awake to those behind it and their intent are very much part of the freedom & democracy movement given that we are essentially under attack by an Ardern Government which is obsessed with selling NZ out to the global elites behind it. Bragging such achievements at a Gates Foundation meeting in New York some 3 years ago claiming that she had introduced their globalisation plans into NZ legislation at a faster rate than any other country. Those of us awake to her links with the UN, the WEF and with WHO [via Helen Clark] entirely agree with PM Ardern’s claims. When looking at the bio-warfare attack on the globe followed by a failed & un-safe vaccine, to an awake person, her comments have given rise to an even greater appreciation of why she has set out to destroy our economy. Why she has gone on attack against our farmers to reduce their ability to produce food. To divide us through racist & apartheid policies & legislation. Why she is part of this unsubstantiated claim that global warming and/or climate change is somehow a new phenomena to planet earth. Why she has continued with her mandates to reduce nursing numbers & health care … etc etc. To a well educated person like those represented by ACT, you must all be aware of her plans to bankrupt NZ in ready for the UN government run takeover by 2030, a timeframe set within that agreement for the World Bank driven “re-set” that is aligned with it. To be aware is to then oblige us to save the poor souls who have become victim to her crimes of the last 4 years, including rapidly rising homelessness and Government debt levels that would near describe us as bankrupt [up from $60B to $138B] except that Grant Robertson mis-appropriated $61B from Kiwi Saver during the last budget to hide the reality of the economic crisis Ms Ardern has created for us, locking down the South Island as an example when we had no Covid. Those awake could write a book on the part she is playing as servant of the UN towards its ill-conceived plans which are not to do with “sustainable development” but more to do with destroying what was once great about countries like NZ while crippling our social & economic welfare, including an obvious propensity to depopulate us through measures that are starting to become obvious to those with their eyes open. I suspect that many within your party know this. Much of what we heard & saw at your presentation on Saturday tells us this .. and yes .. we fully appreciate that for you to “come out” and announce to a largely brainwashed NZ public that PM Ardern is a eugenicist criminal, a servant of the UN, it would or could put your party into the conspiracy or looney category that Ardern’s media paint awake people out to be. Professor Choudori’s presentation was absolutely on the nail. He knows that the Pied Piper [PM Ardern] is taking us to the “grave" in a cruel and meditated way. The red flags of bought off media, the divide & conquer through racist & apartheid legislation, her horrific handing of the covid outbreak, her gifts of our money to the Mongrel Mob & Taliban .. and the list goes on. While I didn’t appreciate President Tim Jago's cheap shot at the freedom marchers in Christchurch on Saturday [yes, it has become too Church promotion based] and while we didn’t like you attacking 2 people at your luncheon event 3 weeks ago who questioned you on your views around the WEF and the investigation into the safety of the Pfizer product, you could be partially forgiven if awake people were to accept ACT’s position regards trying to keep it’s brainwashed supporters away from any notion that you, and your party, were awake too. Awake people who want to support the ACT party going into the next elections need to be convinced that you too are not on the same UN payroll as it appears the PM is. We still need more indication from you and your MP’s to assure us that we are backing the right horse. Contrary to the suggestion that Sue Grey's result in Tauranga was the litmus test of those awake [only 5%], trust me, no intelligent awake person would throw their vote away where a candidate is obviously no chance. The same will apply at the next elections where I suspect that Winston Peters will pull a rabbit out of the hat when he recognises that awake people will be close to exceeding the 15% voting population that we estimate it is now, taking with him the “greys”, the Racing Industry .. and then those who are awake, many who will forgive him for his historic alliance with the criminal Labour Party, if Winston is the only one willing to declare war on those who are destroying democracy & freedom in NZ .. as well .. our social & economic well-being. My message to you as leader of the party is DO NOT under-estimate our numbers who include many influential people who do not participate in protests and similar because they too run the risk of losing Government connected business and being marginalised by the brainwashed members of our society. I know many of those people. Outstanding businessman who will be there when it counts. But they too need the confidence in ACT to fight, eventually, against this Government criminality when hopefully you will form a coalition with the National Party who many believe “are” on the UN payroll too. To put the brakes on them. Please take my advice seriously because if you can give awake people a little bit more evidence that you are familiar with what is going on, then you will likely increase your support base from 9% through to 15% at the next elections. Personally, I would like to be part of that success if you can work a way to do that without abandoning those who are asleep. In good faith. Colin Wightman. [B.Agric.Com .. Mktg & Economics] RD 7, Rangiora. North Canterbury p.s. Part-time farmer, I own a business called Eco Cottages which manufactures 80 affordable mobile homes a year to house our otherwise homeless.

Colin with some of his Eco Cottages

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