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A good news story about my ankle!

(Updated 6/11/21)

My left ankle
My left ankle

It is getting onto six years ago that I suffered a devastating injury to my left ankle. The damage to the bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage was such that my sporting career was over. Of that, I did not dispute. You could say that I had enough metal in my ankle to hold down a Wellington roof!

my ankle
Healing well!

I then set about my rehabilitation. "If anyone knows about ankle rehabilitation, that has to be Gary Moller", is what I told myself! The weeks turned into months, and the strength and mobility gradually improved. Finally, I found I could ride a bike without impeding the healing, so I rode. I rode so well I went on to win two UCI Masters Mountain Biking World Championships. All the while, I was meticulous not to have any "unplanned dismounts".

Gary on MTB
On the way to winning my first Worlds

The main issues with my ankle wer