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First Aid Treatment for a Sprained Ankle

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

"E" has sprained her foot really bad. Recommend treatment?

Image of ankle sprain

That looks painful and nasty.

(the irony of this inquiry is I sprained my ankle yesterday, just hours after writing this post. Gosh it was painful - all I could do for the first few minutes is lie on the ground and groan due to the paralysing agony!

I'm fine but sore today and will be back in action as of tomorrow).

The first thing that she needs to be doing is getting her leg up, elevated above the level of the body. The worst thing she can be doing right now is letting her leg dangle the way it is in the photo. All of the hydraulic pressure from head to toe is forcing more and more blood and fluid into the damaged ankle tissues. This will compromise healing.

Healing, proper, can only commence AFTER dead blood, dead tissue and toxic fluids are removed from the site of damage.

The key to making a rapid and full recovery from this kind of injury is to prevent bleeding and swelling in the first place.

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