• Gary Moller

Heel Spurs - Is There Any Danger in One Cortisone Shot to Each Heel?

Gary I am 53 and suffering from heel spurs. I tried off the shelf orthotics and am going to a custom in a few days. Trying to prevent surgery. My podiatrist says I should try one shot of cortisone only before going to surgery-do you agree? Is there any danger in one shot to each heel? Thanks

– Mike ______________________________ Gary replies:

Mike, let me answer your question by telling you about the very first time I witnessed the harm that these injections are doing to fit and healthy people.

He was a talented middle distance track athlete during the 1970's and early 80's, biting at the heels of athletes like John Walker, Dick Quax and Rod Dixon.

He developed a painful heel spur in one foot. Several courses of physiotherapy gave no relief. The sports physician he consulted gave him a single cortisone shot into the base of his heel. The pain relief was almost instantaneous. He was advised to rest up for a few weeks and then to very gradually resume running under the supervision of a physiotherapist. He carefully followed this advice.

He was out on an easy training run several months later when he felt and heard something snap in his foot. He was unable to run. To his horror, the arch of his foot had collapsed! His running career was over.

When I examined his foot a few years after this incident, I was shocked with what I found: The arch of the affected foot was non-existent. The plantar fascia had completely detached from the heel bone. In addition, the fatty heel pad under the thick skin of the heel had completely disappeared, leaving a hollow about the size of a 50 cent coin through which the heel bone was easily palpated.

That foot had lost its spring. The heel bone was now without its protective fat pad, causing jarring pain even when walking. The collapsed foot was making the foot rotate inwards, causing stress on the knee joint which was showing signs of painful arthritis. Running from now on was completely out of the question.

All of this career-ending damage was due to just a single quick-fix injection. I have since seen numerous cases of permanent damage and disability caused by cortisone injections.

Cortisone is a quick and convenient form of chemical excision. It is a surgical procedure. The trouble with this surgical procedure is the chemical is indiscrim