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World Ivermectin Day

Updated: Mar 27

Join us on Sunday the 24th of July at 7pm. Register here.

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Let's get this treatment available to New Zealanders.

July 23 is World Ivermectin Day

Covid-19 in New Zealand

We keep hearing about the daily covid-19 case numbers. Yesterday (21 July 2022) the government's covid-19 website stated that New Zealand had over 10 000 new cases, with over 700 cases in hospital and over 65 000 active cases in the community. Almost two thousand "covid-19-related" deaths in total were noted with 34 having died in the last 6 days.

Cases are not defined. Deaths and hospitalisations are not specified regarding the extent to which covid-19 was responsible.


Let's take these numbers at face value and look at what we could achieve using Ivermectin. If everyone who tested positive for covid-19 received Ivermectin, how many hospitalisations and deaths could be prevented? These figures are based on the combined data from 88 studies for all outcomes and 46 studies for death.

All outcomes include death, ventilation, ICU admission, hospitalisation, recovery, cases and viral clearance. As we don’t know what the figures are for each of these outcomes, we have applied the improvement in all outcomes to hospitalisations. These figures are thus estimations only; however they are based on real data and not on modelling.


So Ivermectin could potentially have:

  • Saved 14-30 lives in the past six days

  • Prevented 290 to 617 of yesterday's 744 hospitalisations

Broad-ranging Early Treatment

The above figures may even be better if Ivermectin is used in combination with other medications and supplements at the first sign of infection. Early treatment has been shown to be up to 75% effective, and a large part of this protocol is available without having to see a doctor.

early treatment chart

The government covid-19 website goes on to list anti-viral medicines that may soon be available from a pharmacist without a prescription - Paxlovid (Pfizer) and Molnupiravir (Merck Sharp & Dohme), as well as mentioning access to Remdesivir (Gilead) that is given intravenously.

Even the GP college is worried about the potential interactions with other medications - although its leadership led the fight to suppress Ivermectin, the acceptance of which would have meant the vaccine could not have had emergency approval status and been rolled out, in the face of a cheap, life-saving covid-19 treatment being available.

We ask why these expensive, possibly harmful and likely ineffective medicines are being offered to New Zealanders instead of cheap, safe alternatives.

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We ask why when our hospitals and general practices are over-run, effective treatments are being ignored. NZDSOS has been lobbying the government about the benefits of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine since the start of this information becoming available.

How do these so-called medical leaders live with themselves?

Join Us

New Zealand Event for World Ivermectin Day

NZDSOS representatives, along with The Health Forum NZ and Dr Naomi Dongelmans (Netherlands), will be joining Voices for Freedom for a round table discussion about Ivermectin in the New Zealand context.

Join us on Sunday the 24th of July at 7pm. Register here.

Contact the Ministry of Health

Email the Ministry of Health. We have composed a template you can use. Just go to this page and scroll down to the template letter. You can easily personalise and send this email directly.

Dr Matt Shelton
Dr Matt Shelton

Thank you from Matt and the rest of the team at NZDSOS.

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2 comentarios

Paul Scott
Paul Scott
24 jul 2022

The respiratory Influenza syndrome slipped in and out of me in Christchurch in April. > I had a sore throat and was tired for a few days. It was comparable I would say to the sore throat symptoms I often get after intercontinental flights, which are stressful. The main feature was tiredness for that few days. I forgot to start taking Ivermectin [ available OTC in Bangkok ] until the second day of symptoms. Many New Zealanders will continue with their masks and die with their masks on. I am well past any sympathy with an idiot population of TV propaganda trained zombies.

Me gusta
Gary Moller
Gary Moller
25 jul 2022
Contestando a

Paul, what really worries me is the focus of the authorities is to capture our children, such as by compulsory mask-wearing at school. We have a generation coming through that will know nothing other than fear and insane measures that are the norm.

Me gusta
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