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Why are things so sweet these days?

"Gary, I have a confession, I haven't been taking the Ultra Muscleze Night/NuCell NZ Fulvic or Vit Daily C with NuCell. Sorry, it makes me gag as it is too sweet for me and I have trouble swallowing it. Is there a tablet form for any of these? Sadly I am still getting cramps, but not as frequently in the night now."

(name supplied but withheld)


Now that had some bite to it!


Nowadays, this is such a common complaint that I thought it was time to write an article about this. Like me, our writer is showing her age. Young people believe that the only food worth eating is food that tastes sweet. In contrast, people like myself know that the best foods are often the ones that are bland, bitter or sour.

I have talked to our suppliers over the years about this issue of their products being too sweet taste. They give the same answer every time: they won't sell if they do not sweeten products.

So I guess the only solution is to "suck it up", or dilute it with more water or mix it into smoothies or whatever else it takes to delete the taste. Or, we give something else, but in pill form!

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