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What's up with all of these "Turbo-Cancers & Sudden Deaths?

Updated: Mar 11

(Updated 11th March, 2014)

What could be the mechanism?

"The cause of his death is not yet known"

"Todays NZ Herald "5th March,2024) - could be a huge coincidence, but you and I both know that there may be a link to the vaccine here - both in their early 30s one suddenly discovers bowel cancer & the other dies mysteriously in their sleep a few days later! Did they receive the same vaccine batch? I assume no connection will ever be considered!"



“The vaccinated population as a whole accounted for 95% of all COVID-19 deaths between January and May 2023, while the unvaccinated population accounted for just 5%.”


A person who's been supporting us for a long time has shared some extremely upsetting news. (permission granted to publish):

"At 3pm on 19 January 2024, my 69-year-old wife of almost 48 years breathed her last.  In 2017, she had been diagnosed with PR3 ANCA vasculitis and since then, had been on the necessary immune suppressant medications, which had very successfully stabilised her illness, allowing her to continue to remain healthy and live her best life. 

During summer, when cruise ships visited Tauranga, she enjoyed driving passengers off these ships to local places of interest including Hobbiton and Rotorua, spending many days in the confines of a minibus with her clients.  In summer of 2021-2, few ships came into port due to the Covid outbreak; in 2022-3 many more arrived and she once again drove a large number of passengers.  She began driving again in late spring 2023, expecting to drive passengers for the entire season. 

However, in late December she complained of abdominal pain, which her GP diagnosed as diverticulitis, telling her to go to the hospital ED if it became worse.  It did, so she visited the hospital, and a CT scan revealed extensive cancerous tumours in her kidneys, liver, ovaries, lymph nodes and lungs.  She returned home and died about 10 days later.  How could a seemingly healthy, middle-aged woman with a diagnosed condition that was well under control according to frequent blood tests, suddenly develop multi-organ cancerous tumours which killed her within three weeks? 

The facts that most or all cruise ship passengers must be jabbed against Covid, that she had driven jabbed passengers on frequent occasions the previous cruise ship season, that she was on prescribed immune suppressant medication, seemed to be probable cause for highly virulent cancer growth to occur.  As my unjabbed wife had never contracted Covid despite being exposed to that disease on several occasions, it is considered highly likely that this rapid cancer growth was triggered by shedding from the passengers who recently received mRNA jabs with whom she shared the confined space of a minibus.  

Possibly her body could suppress the effects of the shedding during the 2022-3 summer, despite being on immunosuppressant medication, but was unable to do so once it was again exposed to shedding nine months later.  If that is the cause of her premature death, then it is a warning to everybody regarding the ability of the so-called mRNA ‘vaccines’ to shed and to trigger adverse effects in people who are in close contact, especially, it would appear, when those people have been prescribed immunosuppressant medication.


 I think we have only scratched the surface of what will prove to be a mass annihilation of people from cancer and heart conditions - the shedding will probably attack the body at its weakest point.  Sadly, I see no immediate preventative or remedial steps that can be taken to undo what has already been done.  Perhaps this is simply an accelerated survival of the fittest extinction process that we have seen occur in other species in the past, but which only now is affecting humans."


"The Emergency Department at Christchurch Hospital is under “significant pressure” after it reached a record number of patients in a day. Over a 24-hour period on Monday, the emergency department (ED) saw 412 patients."

(This is happening during late summer, when people should be at their seasonal healthiest).


The question we all should be asking of our health leadership is this:

Why are record numbers of people becoming ill and many dying in droves and so quickly?

But, as we all know, they're not going to answer this question with honest responses.

“There is none so blind as he who will not see”

(Singer Ray Stevens, 1970 in the song "Everything is Beautiful".)


COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: Lessons Learned from the Registrational Trials and Global Vaccination Campaign


Our understanding of COVID-19 vaccinations and their impact on health and mortality has evolved substantially since the first vaccine rollouts. Published reports from the original randomized phase 3 trials concluded that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines could greatly reduce COVID-19 symptoms. In the interim, problems with the methods, execution, and reporting of these pivotal trials have emerged. Re-analysis of the Pfizer trial data identified statistically significant increases in serious adverse events (SAEs) in the vaccine group. Numerous SAEs were identified following the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), including death, cancer, cardiac events, and various autoimmune, hematological, reproductive, and neurological disorders. Furthermore, these products never underwent adequate safety and toxicological testing in accordance with previously established scientific standards. Among the other major topics addressed in this narrative review are the published analyses of serious harms to humans, quality control issues and process- related impurities, mechanisms underlying adverse events (AEs), the immunologic basis for vaccine inefficacy, and concerning mortality trends based on the registrational trial data. The risk-benefit imbalance substantiated by the evidence to date contraindicates further booster injections and suggests that, at a minimum, the mRNA injections should be removed from the childhood immunization program until proper safety and toxicological studies are conducted. Federal agency approval of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines on a blanket-coverage population-wide basis had no support from an honest assessment of all relevant registrational data and commensurate consideration of risks versus benefits. Given the extensive, well- documented SAEs and unacceptably high harm-to-reward ratio, we urge governments to endorse a global moratorium on the modified mRNA products until all relevant questions pertaining to causality, residual DNA, and aberrant protein production are answered.


So, what do I think is going on here?

Why are so many people becoming ill and many dying in droves and so quickly?

We all have potential diseases percolating quietly away, deep within us, but, in a healthy person, of no consequence. Most men, for example, who die of old age, have some degree of prostate abnormality and even cancer, but are relatively, or completely symptom-free, dying of other causes, or plain old age. Every second of the day, defective cells are generated during the constant conveyor-belt process of cell division to produce new cells. Some of these defective cells have the potential to become cancers. What keeps us healthy is our immune system. Think of your immune system as being like the workers at the kiwi fruit conveyer belt, looking for defective fruit, pulling them out of the production line, and throwing them aside into the waste bin. Or, if there is disease on the vines, other workers will surgically spray or cut out the disease. This is what your immune system is hard at work doing, and, in a healthy person, it faithfully serves them right up until their last breath.

Don't let anyone mess with your immune system!

The spike protein generated by mRNA vaccines can interfere with the human immune system. Its resemblance to snake venom raises concerns about its safety, especially when repeatedly injected into individuals. The resulting chronic inflammation can persist for up to eight months after vaccination.

do not press this button
If we mess with a person's immune system, we mess with their life.

This puts the immune system under constant stress and increases the risk of systemic failures within its complex system. Consequently, diseases may escape detection and flourish. It's like removing many of the quality control workers from the production line and putting blindfolds on those who remain.

"Houston: we have a problem"

Source: Their moon-bound spacecraft wrecked by an oxygen tank explosion on 13th April, 1970, the astronauts urgently radioed, "Houston, we've had a problem here."

Snake Venom?

However, instructing one's cells to make the equivalent of "snake venom" takes matters to an even higher and deeply alarming level: Yes, especially as we get older, there's disease within us, such as benign cancer, or the beginnings of a condition such as Parkinson's. Or, there might be a condition such as vasculitis or Crohn's that's being managed well with medication, but, still, they smoulder away, like hot embers from last night's fire. Injecting mRNA that instructs a person's cells to manufacture "snake venom" is the worst imaginable thing to do: It's like taking pure oxygen and pumping it under pressure onto the smouldering embers, producing the equivalent of a blast furnace! And this is what is happening inside a jabbed person's body!

It's little wonder, today, that we are seeing a surge in cancers and other conditions being diagnosed for the first time, and already at or near Stage Four!

We're all in this together!

Just one thing, as a doctor said to me some months ago:

"Gary, jabbed or not,; we're all in this together".

What he was meaning is his research indicated that we are all exposed to this artificial mRNA through the mechanism of shedding — it's everywhere! So, just because we are unjabbed, we can't be either smug, nor complacent. It's best that we all take measures to protect ourselves, and that includes making sure our immune system is in tip-top shape.

Remedies for countering the spike protein include the following:

  • Proteolytic enzymes

  • Nutrients such as NAC and taurine

  • Alkalising minerals and all of the water and fat-soluble vitamins

  • Quercetin as found richly in blackcurrant

  • Foods rich in fresh nutrients, especially fat, protein, vitamins, and trace minerals.

  • Avoid unwanted stress.

  • Treat infections such as gum disease early and decisively.

  • Avoid exposure to toxins such as lead, arsenic, mercury, and various chemicals, including fluoride.

  • This is controversial, and may be impractical, but avoid close, or intimate contact with a recently jabbed person. This includes blood transfusions.

  • Learn and apply better stress-coping strategies. Let others fight life's battles and you support them as a member of their logistics team! Some people are made for fighting, whereas others are best as support behind the front lines!

  • Give yourself time out - relaxing holidays.

  • Surrounding Yourself with supportive and loving people.

Be Strong: Always maintain a positive attitude, unite, and confidently move forward with optimism!

While the fight has barely begun, science is on our side and giving us powerful tools and understanding to combat the enemy before us. We're winning, but we have only a beachhead. Let's keep up the momentum, and look out for each other. We must think and act strategically. Together, with strength, compassion, and perseverance, we can overcome the challenges before us. Let's take back this beautiful country, beginning with securing your health and that of your loved ones.

Stand up!

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