• Gary Moller

Weight loss: Is it from the surgery or the diet?

On the weighing scales

In 2011 I wrote about stomach reduction or gastric bypass surgery, questioning just how effective it is and expressing concerns about the downsides as the years pass.

It looks like I was right.

"It may be the special diet adopted by gastric bypass patients, not the surgery itself, that results in many of the biggest benefits associated with the weight loss procedure, according to a new study."

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Here are two articles I wrote on this topic

  1. http://blog.garymoller.com/2012/11/is-there-better-alternative-for-weight.html

  2. http://blog.garymoller.com/2014/05/is-bariatric-surgery-all-that-it-is-cut.html

Those articles were written some years ago and on reflection, I would not change much. You will note that I proposed a non-surgical solution to morbid obesity that was based on an intense set of interventions that are based on lifestyle and nutrition. I'd still like to see this programme funded as an alternative to surgery.