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We've been very busy

Busy desk
Not my desk: mine is tidy.

Last Sunday I rode out to visit a young mother who is confined between her bed and the couch following the jab some months ago. Her heart is too weak for much more and she must be wheeled to the bathroom when the need arises. While she is accepted by ACC as a vaccine injury, her treatment is nothing more than a beta-blocker drug - that's all.

On my way out there my phone went and it was another mother with similar health problems. Then, when I got home there were two more cases of jab harm in our email inbox. And, that was my Sunday!

I talked about this with my partner, Alofa. What was on my mind is do I keep my head down, or do I stand tall and speak out about the carnage we are witnessing consequent to this vaccine? With Alofa's support, I have decided not to remain silent but to speak about what we are experiencing and to do so fearlessly. We realise that speaking out may jeopardise our livelihood and my reputation may be attacked, but that is a risk we are now prepared to take. After all, this is still a free society isn't it?

So, a couple of interviews later and the floodgates have opened: Alofa and I are inundated with people, many desperate, some in tears, seeking our assistance for serious complications following the jab. You would not believe the numbers! This jab is hurting a lot of people and at least 95% are not reported to CARM. It has to stop.

Alofa and I can not cope with the number of calls for help. there is only the two of us. The purpose of this message is to ask you for your patience if you have written to me seeking assistance. I will get around to it.

One solution I am working on to ease the workloads is a series of self-help articles for you. Keep an eye out for them. However, I will be in touch personally, if you are waiting on me. Just bear with me a while, please.

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