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We are 100% operating during the Covid Shutdown

Updated: Feb 25

Covid-19 image from CDC
Covid-19 image from CDC

We are continuing to operate full-steam ahead despite the month-long shutdown. What this means is we will continue to do consultations and to send out packages of lovely immune-supporting goodies to you! However, this is with no direct contact with you - all by video.


We have been advised by the authorities that we can work because we provide a health service and our office is within a residential home, there is only the two of us and so long as we follow strict rules as to the handling of courier packages, hygiene and so on.

"GoldQuest" is our holding company
"GoldQuest" is our holding company


We can do this because we operate from home. Our office and storeroom are on the premises. We have absolutely no contact with anybody else, any goods received or for collection by the courier are left down the path and we ensure packaging is virus-free by ensuring hands are washed and surfaces clean.

We've been preparing for this kind of shut-down event for several years in a kind of serendipitous way.

You see, I'm now in my so-called retirement years but with no intention of ever retiring. Alofa and I have been gradually setting up our consultancy business so that we can operate it no matter where we might be in the world. All that we need is a good internet connection and we can keep the business cranking along with no problems at all. About 80% of consultations were already by way of Skype, Zoom and other video platforms.

So, keep booking in to meet with me. Send in your hair tissue samples and orders for products.

Our courier is looking a bit exhausted these days but we are feeding him with all kinds of goodies, so we are one of his favourite destinations. You can rely on deliveries even if they might be a few days slower than usual. We will keep feeding him. Covid-free food - of course!

Supplies of some goods are limited

We may have run out of some items that you might be asking for. The country has been cleaned out of some products and imports may be hampered by reduced airfreight capacity and our suppliers are in shutdown. I have been told that freight costs are going through the roof so it is possible there will be some price rises coming with future deliveries. But there are none planned for now.

If you are ordering anything from us make sure you give us an address for safe delivery directly to you by courier. Do not use a PO Box address.

If we are out of an item that you may have placed an order for, do not worry because I always have Plan B and Plan C to fall back on. I'll email you about this if we strike this issue.

Isolate while ensuring your immune system is robust

Please read this in case you have not already and read it again to remind yourself of what you can do to nurture your immune health and those of your family and friends. Most of it is free! Please pass the article to others. This is one thing that we do want to see go viral!

Hang tight everyone and please make the most of the month of enforced and high-quality family time!

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