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The Sea Decides: Replays now available

Updated: Mar 9

the sea decides

I got a little choked up during a few of the scenes. Grant ("Axe") is a tough bloke and not lacking determination.

I even get a mention in the credits but you have to speed-read to see it!

You can rent the movie here ($20):

Available until 11 Jul 2021

Winner, Best New Zealand Emerging Filmmaker: Alistair Harding A 12,000km journey never before attempted and an adventurer who wouldn’t give up. Director Harding’s debut feature stuns, pitting the raw power of the ocean against the spirited individuals determined to navigate it. In January 2017, human-powered adventurer Grant Rawlinson began a journey by row boat and bicycle that he planned would take him 12,000km from Singapore to New Zealand. It was a journey never before attempted, and included a world-first attempt at rowing from Singapore to Australia; a cycle across the Australian continent; and then an attempt to become only the third solo adventurer in history to row across the notoriously dangerous Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand. What follows is a brutal and unforgiving eye-witness account of Rawlinson’s journey which will make you wince and wonder just how far you would go to fulfil your own ambitions. This is a deeply humanistic must-see film that is sure to spark huge debates across the world. WORLD PREMIERE An inspirational story of the Kiwi “can-do” attitude at its extreme. Alex Lee, Doc Edge

Language English

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