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The Innate Connection: Nature-Based Health and Our DNA

Updated: Apr 5

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The author, communing with Mother Nature


Nature-based health practises, rooted in the wisdom of ages past, have enjoyed enduring popularity and a resurgence in recent times. This phenomenon can be understood as a deeply intuitive aspect of our human nature, encoded in our DNA. Despite ongoing efforts to discredit and suppress these practises, they persist as valuable tools for maintaining health and combating disease. In this essay, we'll explore the intrinsic connection between nature-based health and our genetic makeup, highlighting the reasons behind its enduring and growing popularity.

(For an in-depth read about the link between ourselves, nature, and our DNA, please read Dr Guy Hatchard's book, "Your DNA Diet".)

The Innate Connection

The inclination towards nature-based health can be traced back to our ancestral roots. For thousands of years, our ancestors relied on nature's offerings for sustenance, healing, and overall well-being. This intimate relationship with the natural world was always imprinted in our DNA, creating an intuitive understanding of the therapeutic power of nature.

  1. Nutrition as Medicine: Our ancestors instinctively recognised the nutritional value of plants, herbs, and whole foods. They understood the healing properties of specific ingredients and incorporated them into their diets to prevent and treat ailments. This inherent wisdom has been passed down through generations, forming the basis for modern holistic nutrition.

  2. Lifestyle Remedies: Nature-based practises extend beyond diet to encompass lifestyle choices. Traditional activities like forest bathing, yoga, and meditation resonate with our genetic memory. They promote mental and physical well-being by aligning with our innate connection to the natural world.

Challenges and Suppression

In recent decades, the dominance of pharmaceuticals and medical interventions has challenged the relevance of nature-based health. Powerful industries often discredit these practises to protect their interests. Legislation, such as the Therapeutic Products Act is the most recent and most audacious example of attempts to discredit and suppress, not only natural therapies, but also the health professionals who want to include such therapies in their practises. However, the enduring popularity of nature-based health reveals that these practises persist despite such efforts. Still, we mustn't be complacent when it comes to protecting nature-based health. Powerful forces at work here!

  1. Resilience in the Face of Criticism: Nature-based health advocates have faced scepticism, criticism, defunding, and cancellation, yet their message endures. People continue to seek alternative solutions that align with their intuitive understanding of what is right for their bodies.

  2. Individual Empowerment: Nature-based health empowers individuals to take control of their well-being. This self-empowerment is a fundamental reason for its sustained appeal. People appreciate the autonomy to make choices that resonate with their genetic predispositions.

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Nature-based health is more than a trend; it is a timeless and intuitive aspect of our DNA. Our genetic memory recognises the therapeutic potential of nature - our nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Despite challenges from conventional medical practises and efforts to discredit these remedies, they persist as a testament to their enduring appeal and effectiveness. But they urgently need your help now. We must repeal the Therapeutic Products Act. NZ First have pledged to do this, as they've done repeatedly over the last 20 years with previous versions of this oppressive legislation. However, they can only do what they promise if we give them enough votes to do the job. Vote NZ First. Better still, join the party and get involved with its inner workings. Additionally, join the Natural Health Alliance if you are a health professional.

As we continue to evolve, our innate connection to nature-based health remains a steadfast guide for maintaining our health and vitality. Look after Mother Nature and she'll continue to faithfully care for and serve us all!

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