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The health benefits of salt

Updated: Mar 27

Himalayan salt

I was going to write an article about the health benefits of multimineral salts like Himalayan Salt when Sheryl Johnson of Original Crystal Himalayan Salt sent me one of their articles.

Here it is:

I'll add a few interesting factoids about salt that I've collected over the years:

  1. Salt deprivation is thought to be one of the main reasons the people of the Kalihari Desert were so short and small. Salt deficiency stunts growth.

  2. The civilisations of Sumeria and Mesopotamia were founded in the trade of salt in exchange for pottery, cloth and grain.

  3. The word salary comes from the word salt in Latin (sal). Roman Legionnaires were paid with bags of salt (their salary) that were traded in the markets in the outer reaches of the Roman Empire for goods and services. This is where the expression that a man is worth his salt comes from.

  4. One of the first actions of the North during the American Civil War was to destroy the South's salt-making facilities. It is said that an army can not march without salt.

  5. The immune system uses sodium to combat infection. The elderly are typically instructed to reduce salt intake. The Elderly typically die from infections such as pneumonia.

  6. Tears are salty to the taste because salt is concentrated in tears as a natural antibiotic. The elderly on low salt diets are typically plagued with infected and inflamed eyelids.

  7. When looking at the mineral makeup of pink salt, the composition is remarkably similar to the minerals found in the body with hair tissue mineral analysis.

  8. (7) It is hardly a surprise because Himalayan Salt was laid down around 200 million years ago when we first crawled onto the land on their flippers and took our first breath. We took within our cells the mineral makeup of the ocean, which remains more or less the same as the makeup of Himalayan salt. We measure these minerals with hair tissue mineral analysis.

  9. People who have a moderate intake of Himalayan salt may improve blood pressure. However, perhaps fewer than 10% of diagnosed hypertensive patients are of salt-related causation with no prospect of health benefits if they cut the salt (there is a difference between Himalayan salt, refined and other salts).

  10. Salt restriction may hasten the onset of dementia by, among other things, causing such low blood pressure that blood flow to the brain is compromised.

  11. People on salt-restricted diets typically die sooner than people with moderate salt intakes.

Well, enough of this: I'm off for a long run now, followed by a couple of hours in the steam room and sauna. I'll emphasise ingesting the Himalayan salt afterwards to compensate for the losses from all the exercise and profuse sweating. My heart function and blood pressure are fine, by the way! Have a great weekend!

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