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The Hammer of Thor versus Mother Nature

Sorry, but this isn't the screenplay for the upcoming Marvel Movie instalment — but it could be!

Hammer of Thor


The last four years haven't been good ones. These years have been dominated by fear, aggression, ill health, and premature deaths. Like you, I've been doing my best to get my head around what's going on. New Zealand, once the best country to raise a child, seems to have lost its way — horribly. Peace and harmony is being replaced by conflict, division, and the selfish grabbing of what should be shared. Instead of reacting with aggression, which is my first impulse, I'm doing my best to be philosophical and wise to come up with solutions that undo the destruction and not add to the damage already done by people who I consider to be both evil and extremely stupid.

In this article, I'll be using my personal experience in the healthcare system to discuss the broader perspective.

You can't beat an animal into good health! Nor is nuking your enemy a good idea!

Profitable Kiwi farmers know you can't beat an animal into good health. Instead, they love and care for their animals — they feed them good food and sing to them. I know this because I once used to milk cows on a South Waikato farm. This concept of love and care also applies to people. You feed them good food, love, and care for them — cuddles, not punches. It's Mother Nature's gentle approach that works best. Sure, there's a time and a place for masculine aggression, but in most scenarios, for harmony and health, nurturing femininity must be dominant.

If you've ever consulted with me, you'll no doubt be aware that I often mention the Hammer of Thor approach that now almost totally dominates health and medicine these days, while everything that relates to nurturing Mother Nature is under attack, including what it is to be a woman. Fortunately, there's increasing resistance against what I perceive as insanity. However, we are facing formidable and evil influences, making it a challenging task.

There must be balance between masculine and feminine solutions to solving problems, including those affecting health, and right through to geopolitics.

In mythology and literature, different symbols represent varied approaches to conflict and resolution, and these apply well to health promotion. I use these a lot in my presentations. The Hammer of Thor, a powerful weapon wielded by the Norse god Thor, symbolises brute strength, direct confrontation, and the use of force to overcome obstacles. In contrast, the nurturing approach of Mother Nature embodies patience, care, and the gradual nurturing of growth and harmony. These archetypes provide valuable insights into how we handle conflicts and their subsequent effects on mental and physical health, and even the survival of life on this precious planet.

The Hammer of Thor represents Strength and Direct Confrontation

Thor's Hammer, is a symbol of immense power and a tool for direct action. It represents an approach to conflict and illness that emphasises strength, aggression, and immediate results. This method can be effective in situations where swift, decisive action is necessary to address an immediate threat or challenge, such as an out-of-control infection. The Hammer of Thor is evident in tactics that depend on power, superiority, and strict authority to settle disputes. However, this method can result in significant unintended consequences. In medicine, the consequences of the big hit with the Hammer of Thor are referred to as "side effects" or "adverse reactions", and we've seen a lot of these lately, haven't we? In geopolitics, we see this played out in genocide and escalation to being on the brink of nuclear annihilation.

While this aggressive approach can be appropriate and effective in certain scenarios, it often comes with significant costs to mental and physical health. Constantly relying on aggression and confrontation can lead to heightened stress levels, anxiety, and a sense of perpetual threat. The body's stress response, triggered by such aggressive tactics, can result in chronic health issues such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and weakened immune function. Mentally, it can foster environments of fear, hostility, and a lack of trust, which are detrimental to overall well-being and interpersonal relationships, affecting entire nations.

New Zealand has been relentlessly hammered for several toxic years, resulting in detrimental effects on both society and individuals. I'm concerned that the people in power don't possess the intelligence, fortitude, or foresight to end this toxicity that's destroying us from within.

Mother Nature represents Nurture, Patience, and Harmony

Mother Nature, often depicted as a nurturing, life-giving force, represents an alternative approach to conflict. This method is characterised by patience, care, and the fostering of growth and harmony over time. Instead of seeking immediate resolution through force, the Mother Nature approach focuses on understanding, compassion, and the gradual healing of wounds by oneself. It involves creating environments where dialogue, empathy, and mutual respect can flourish, allowing conflicts to be resolved in a manner that strengthens relationships and promotes long-term well-being. In politics, this is known as diplomacy, which I write about here:

Timeless ideas: Let food be thy medicine, and body heal thyself!

I'll add that, in many, if not all cultures, traditionally, a stranger and even a sworn enemy always has a seat at the table to share a meal. Many a conflict is resolved and friendships made this way. The offering and sharing of food and water are the universal expressions of peace and harmony. This tradition is universal and begins with the stress and trauma of birth, comforted by Mother's first warm embrace, and nourished by her milk.

The nurturing approach of Mother Nature has profound positive impacts on mental and physical health. By fostering environments of support and understanding, it reduces stress and anxiety, promoting mental peace and emotional stability. Physically, this approach supports overall health, such as balanced living, holistic wellness, and preventive care. The emphasis on harmony and balance aligns with sustainable health, reducing the incidence of stress-related illnesses and enhancing resilience against physical and mental health challenges.

Mental and Physical Health and World Peace

Few people would ever disagree that the contrasting approaches to conflict represented by the Hammer of Thor and Mother Nature have distinct implications for mental and physical health, including its extension to bringing about world peace. The aggressive, forceful approach can lead to environments of high-stress, fear, and physical tension, which are harmful to long-term health. Aggression may provide quick solutions, but often at the cost of personal well-being and relational harmony, and physical destruction.

On the other hand, the nurturing approach promotes a holistic view of health that integrates emotional, mental, physical well-being, and growth. By emphasising care, empathy, and gradual resolution, this method reduces stress and fosters environments where people are valued and understood, and growth happens. The positive health outcomes associated with this approach include lower stress levels, improved cardiovascular health, stronger immune function, and enhanced mental resilience. The world is a better place. This is an extension of the idea of thinking globally while acting locally to make the world a better place for all. Being transcendental sums it up.


It's our duty to let Mother Nature reign in all her tranquil and balanced glory, while reserving the mighty Thor for rare times of need.

Thank you for reading this article. I trust that you have found it thought-provoking and stimulating. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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