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The Freedom Parties Insurmountable Hurdle and a Solution

(Updated: 25 July, 2023)

Despite the massive public outcry and the pathetic bleating from the opposition parties, the Therapeutic Products Bill has been railroaded through Parliament and is now becoming law.

However, not all is lost. We now need to focus on bringing about political change, and thus, bringing about the repeal of this obnoxious legislation.

In the meantime, and closely related to this issue of Government overreach and interference in the lives of hard-working Kiwis, their families and businesses, I have produced a video commentary on the how to resolve the disunity between the fledgeling "freedom" parties, so that we avoid splitting the vote and, instead, get enough support to be the "Kingmakers" after the General Elections.

What follows is my video commentary, and, shortly, I'll have more to say about how the Therapeutic Products legislation impacts on all of us:

Here's the key points summary of my video presentation:

Welcome, friends, and fellow Kiwis, to this crucial presentation. Today, I'm here to address the insurmountable hurdles and challenges that freedom parties face. We must work together to overcome these obstacles and achieve victory. Let's explore these issues and the workable solution that's rapidly gaining momentum.

New Zealand is facing a crisis. Kiwis feel like they've lost control of their destiny, and the government and sitting MPs seem to disregard the best interests of the people. Many hardworking Kiwis believe they've been lied to about their true intentions. We need to ask ourselves how many sitting MPs, including current or former cabinet ministers, have told lies. Radical changes are happening without the people's consent, causing stress and division within the country.

The threats we are facing are numerous and growing every day. New Zealand is under attack from within, as the government seems to be waging war on its own people and destroying what was once called "God's own" – the best place in the world to raise a family.

We've seen numerous concerning policies, including the Therapeutic Products Bill, the dissolution of area health boards, centralization of local government, climate emergency code governance, race-based health care, three waters, significant natural areas, emission taxes on farmers, the closing and vandalisation of oil and gas fields, and the sexualization of our children, among others. The government's actions are alarming, and we must question whether we were properly consulted and if we were lied to.

Censorship and the curtailment of free speech are issues that need to be addressed. We must make sure that the government doesn't have the authority to decide what information we can access and what's true or false. Censorship limits our ability to make informed decisions and is a tool of tyranny.

To safeguard our freedoms and democracy, we must unite behind a single established party that best represents the freedom movement. New Zealand First is showing promise, and we need to support them. We should call on other emerging parties to stand down and back New Zealand First, preventing a split in the freedom vote.

It's essential to articulate to the voting public the benefits of supporting New Zealand First as the kingmaker, making sure their voices are heard and respected. We must become actively involved with the party at the regional level, participate in fundraising, policy development, and candidate selection.

Winston Peters, with his experience and tenacity, is an obvious candidate to lead the charge. We need a strong leader who can stand up to adversity and represent our vision of freedom and democracy effectively.

To make a difference, we must sign up and participate in Voters United's polling. Encourage friends and family to do the same. The more united we are, the stronger our collective voice becomes.

In conclusion, I thank you for watching this presentation, and I urge you to take positive action. Let's come together, think, and behave like winners. We must reclaim ownership of New Zealand and restore it to the beautiful country we know it can be.

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