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Should Asymptomatic People Wear Masks to Protect Others?

Updated: Mar 26

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The answer, supported by the research and the experts, is "NO!" Watch the three videos below.

While a properly fitted surgical mask may reduce your risk of infection from exposure to an infected person near you, you are not a risk to other people if you are not in the infectious stage of respiratory disease, coughing and spluttering all over the place. If you are unwell, well, guess what? It would be best if you were not wandering about the shops or going to work. Instead, you should be tucked up in bed at home, taking your vitamins and fluids and having some delicious homemade chicken soup when you are recovering! Grandma knows best when it comes to these most universal of human ailments.

And, just one other thing: take Ivermectin before and during an infection like COVID if only our Drs were allowed to prescribe it, but that's a whole new conspiracy!

Watch this video to understand one more reason why wearing a mask for any longer than a few minutes at a time is not healthy:

Please, if there is one thing to do on this matter; this is to go with the science and resist the Tsunami of propaganda that has inundated humanity.

Here's an interesting challenge to send to your PM, her MPs and the Opposition ones as well:

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