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Paul Allen: one of my heroic role models!

Paul Allen Design

Paul suffered a horrific head injury in 1994 that he was very lucky to survive. He survived the accident, the hospitalisation and the coma but, as he said, "the obliterated post-holocaust world of death and anarchy I was cast into made this seem a picnic. My survival depended on a seemingly unending struggle to defeat every seemingly impossible obstacle".

My daughter, Myra, living in Hobart, Tasmania at the time, introduced Paul to me. I have been assisting him in a small way with his ongoing recovery. Paul's recovery has been nothing short of remarkable. He even wrote a book about his journey, "My life as a fish", which I have recommended as an inspirational read for anyone who is living with a brain injury (Paul still has a few copies left).

What has blown me away is his creativity and attention to detail as a furniture maker. His work is gob-smackingly beautiful!

Paul Allen's Shark Table

The Dining chairs are called Lip Service chairs as the diner sits on the lip of a breaking wave!

Shark Incoming!

Looks like the shark‘s heading directly to the crotch of whoever seated at the other end!

Paul Allen's Preying Mantis

Yes, it moves!

To see more of Pauls work:


(Written with Paul's consent)

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