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Once Upon a Time it WAS Safe and Effective!

Updated: Apr 5

Peter sent me this message:

"Elon Musk just posted this video on X.

It shows the changing narrative around the effectiveness of the vaccines, going down from 100% to headlines about vaccine adverse reactions, then onto it being pulled from the shelf, and finally the amount of money big pharma made and how bad it is to rush vaccines."



Bear this farcical fairy tale in mind when considering that the recently passed Therapeutic Products Act (TPA) which the Opposition parties (National and Act) bleatingly opposed, allows for the Regulator to fast-track novel medicines such as gene-altering mRNA ones. National and Act's policies seek the easing of safety measures for the introduction of GE and GMOs into New Zealand.

Unfortunately, ACT and National are the Pom-Pom Cheerleaders for GMOs and GE. We need a proper, open, and informed public debate before we venture any further down this path. The public inquiry proposed by NZ First into the COVID response is an excellent starting point for this investigation and debate about GE and GMOs.

If we allow unfettered genetic engineering of plants, animals, and humans to happen, we can kiss our collective health goodbye, along with any dreams we had of NZ becoming the high-value GE-Free Market Garden for the rest of the world.

The TPA, which will be progressively introduced after the election, includes a $2 million fine, five years jail, and confiscation of assets, if a health professional such as myself does naughty things like making an unapproved health claim, or dispenses an unapproved product, or at a dose not approved by the Government's yet-to-be-appointed TPA Regulator. It's Draconian and puts people like me out of business, because we can't risk penalties like these.

Bear in mind, as well, that tertiary natural health courses are being progressively defunded which, along with the TPA, mean the inevitable decimation of the ranks of natural health practitioners in New Zealand.

Soon, there will be no option left of your health choices other than drugs and surgery, likely, a toxic cocktail of gene-altering mRNA drugs, including one for Oppositional Defiance Disorder. I'm sure to be diagnosed with this terrible affliction, then forcefully lobotomised under the Hate Speech Laws that Saint Jacinda's Christchurch Call is promoting, and, again, to be introduced into NZ after these elections. In the meantime, they are keeping these plans quiet, and don't tell me that the Opposition Parties aren't in on it. The only difference between National and Labour with these oppressive laws is how and when they go about introducing and enforcing them.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” 19th century British politician Lord Acton

Are our politicians working in the best interests of Kiwis? Give us your answers in the comments section below this article.

NZ First has pledged to throw out the TPA, as they've done several times over the previous two decades. They'll do it again, but only if we back them at the election by joining the party and giving them enough votes to be able to honour their pledges. See here:

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