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Natural Immunity Trumps that from Vaccines - The Evidence!

(Updated: 1st January, 2024)

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It was once known and accepted that disease-induced immunity, or "natural immunity" was usually superior to artificially-induced immunity, otherwise known as "vaccination".

Since COVID, the science around natural versus vaccine-induced immunity has been deliberately muddied and confused for getting every human on the planet injected with a lab-made bio-weapon, and I'm far from alone in believing this.

When doing a Google search on this topic, this is the consensus of what dominates the main search findings:

"Previous research indicated that disease-induced immunity wasn't necessarily better and that vaccines created more effective and longer-lasting immunity than natural immunity"

In almost 50 years working in the health sector, the claim that vaccines are superior was astonishing news to me. So, what happened in the last two or three years to bring about such a dramatic upending of what was known, and where's the evidence that all the medical experts and scientists of yesteryear were wrong? You and I know the answer, but we aren't allowed to talk about that, are we - just follow the instructions of the government's health experts.

Lying and concealing evidence isn't permitted, unless you are a government advisor.

Experts (Google) say: "Studies suggest COVID vaccines are most effective in the first few months following your shot. That's why when health experts recommend boosters or updated doses, they're usually given three to four months after your last COVID shot".

So, what they are saying is the jab is the perfect commercial product: The entire world must be continually injected every three to four months to stay alive! That doesn't sound healthy to me, so what is the truth about the alternative: Natural Immunity?

Well, in case you don't already know, there's a wealth of evidence that natural immunity is vastly superior to the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA jab (We shouldn't even call it a vaccine). Let's add to the ocean of evidence with our own, courtesy of a long-time friend and health professional, Glenn White.

Glenn White has been teaching clients and training practitioners in Buteyko Breathing Therapy for respiratory health for 22 years. Prior to this, he suffered from asthma and ongoing respiratory infections for 40 years. He's been asthma-free and hasn't required any asthma medications or antibiotics since doing a Buteyko course in 2000. Based on his research and clinical experience these last 23 years, Glenn was confident his immune system, properly supported, would be his best defence against the SARS covid-19 virus. He contracted Covid in 22nd March and has tested his antibody response three times since infection.

Results seem to confirm robust, long-lasting natural immunity against COVID, something that even the search engine giant Google can't provide (refer to the comments section below for details about other search engine options). Here's an example of an alternative to a Google search:

The following letter and test reports are reproduced with Glenn's permission:

Buteyko Clinic

Hi Gary,


Documenting my first and only covid infection, and ongoing immunity, as documented by covid serology. I have never had a covid inoculation. This despite recommendations considering risk factors including age (65 years at the time) and history of gut issues.

Natural infection, in my case, has resulted in a robust and sustained immune response.  Interestingly, I haven’t had any respiratory infections of any kind since March 2022.


The Ministry of Health advises that immunity, both vaccine-induced and natural, wanes after three months. Interestingly, the practise nurse at my medical clinic, when discussing the most recent results said, “we always knew natural immunity trumps that from vaccines.” That is the first time I have heard that message from a registered health professional in New Zealand in the last 3 years.


I encourage anyone who has a spare $112 to get tested.

It would be interesting to compare the cost to the government of yearly covid serology testing vs.6 monthly boosters.

Cheers Glenn


Buteyko Breathing Clinics

Director/Practitioner Trainer+64 9 360 6291

We always knew natural immunity trumps that from vaccines.

Here's the evidence: COVID serology

  1. 25th May 2022 (2 months following infection)

  2. 16th December 2022 (9 months following infection)

  3. 1st December 2023 (22 months following infection)

Find below, the same serology test well over a year later, confirming high levels of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies are persisting:

lab test report

Other individuals who contracted the virus without being vaccinated will likely have similar positive outcomes to those for Glenn. Unfortunately, the powerful and money-hungry people who are in control are trying to keep research on this issue hidden, and any research that's done is never talked about. Instead, they are pushing people down the path of eternal vaccination.

This jab-happy nonsense has to end. Instead, let's invest in boosting the health of the New Zealand population.


For your information, here's Glenn's Infection Treatment Timeline:

COVID infection and immunity timeline

  • 15-3-2022 Headache, fatigue sore joints, lower back shoulders , sore throat

  • 16-3-2022 Woke with same symptoms.

  • Pulse 85 SpO2 90-95%

  • RAT tests positive

  • 6:37 am Took 24mg ivermectin, 100 mg Zinc, Quercetin. 100,000 IU vitamin D

  • Headache relieved in 40 minutes.

  • Followed with 3 x 20-minute nebulisers of dilute hydrogen peroxide throughout the day.

  • 820 pm 24 mg Ivermectinpulse 89-92 SpO2 95% Fatigue, sore shoulders, lower back pain (in area of kidneys), knees, reduced appetite and slight loss of taste and smell. Otherwise no other symptoms

  • 17-3-22 Rat test positive

  • Took ivermectin 12 mg, zinc 100 mg, Quercetin, Vitamin D 10,000 IU for 5 days.

  •  Other treatments

  •  Humming 10 -15 minutes three times a day

  • Resonant breathing inhale: exhale ratio 5:5 and reduced volume breathing 15 minutes three times day.

  • Gargling with salt water 3 x a day

  • Hydrogen peroxide nebulisers 3 x a day

  • Rest and isolation

  • Bone broths 1 x day

  • Lemon drinks

  • Fatigue lasted till 23rd March.

  • RAT test negative 23rd March 

 Please refer to the comments section below for links to research and video presentations about natural versus vaccine immunity.

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Unknown member
Dec 22, 2023

Hi Gary it’s Bruce Thomson (I’m logged in but your system won’t put my name to the post). If you think there is an excessively curated (aka Censored) search result at Google then


and compare.

(always best to compare two sources).

Here is a nice quick study result

Here is a longer one

Go well.

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Dec 22, 2023
Replying to

And, Bruce, thatnks for introducing our readers to Yandex which I have not used on the past. It appears to be giving much more comprehensive search results than Google on these now heavily censored/curated topics.

Here's an example:


and Google:

Yandex has a few sites such as Brighteon that would never feature in a Google search.

So, I'll start using Yandex for a while and see how it performs.

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