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Kawerau Mountain Race

Updated: Mar 8

Get your family, come and join us at a great community event.

I ran this race twice, around about 1970 when I still lived in Putaruru, and finished in 2nd place once. I thought I had won but, unknown to everyone, a local runner had cut himself a shortcut through the lower scrubby parts of the course. He was celebrating his win well before I began my own premature celebrations. Much to my embarrassment and disappointment, I might add.

The race is to the top of Pūtauaki and back is about 1-1.5 hours, depending on your fitness.

Setting challenges for yourself is a great way to keep fit from one year to the next, but they must be "clear and present danger" to be motivating - not too far away to allow complacency to take a hold in your brain. The race is 30th October, which means you have just enough time to get ready. Bring the family, make a holiday from it. Experience the hospitality of Middle NZ.

I'm going back to have another crack at the mountain, although I won't be quite as fast or as agile as last time. How many years is it since has it been since the last time? Don't tell me!

Come and join us.

See you there!

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